1. Get off this sub, now. This sub’s profile picture is already a massive spoiler. Enjoy the ride and don’t google anything.

  2. ‘I am free Armin, every single 90 i have cracked, i decided to do’

  3. It’s either the crazy Arabs/Brazilians at my gym that hog all the weight just to literally get a 3 cm ROM.

  4. I wouldn’t mind good filter, like the Sage’s backstory, Kakashi and itachi backstory etc.

  5. There’s people that say ‘omg everytime i eat carbs it goes to my thighs’🤡🤡

  6. I wouldn't have minded the war arc if the battles were a bit more strategic rather than relying on who had the biggest "kamehameha-rasengan-jutsu."

  7. The raid on Liberio arc was so well done. Paradise didn’t even come close to Marley’s fire or man power yet they destroyed them because of their strategy.

  8. It’s not going to be stupid filler tho if the situation doesn’t allow it.

  9. This goes for most game’s subreddit. Why are you upset that in a PVP game, people want to kill you? That’s the entire point of PVP.

  10. He’s not a villian. Some call him a hero, some a villian and that’s exactly what makes him an antihero.

  11. " I feel like more people would try to hide underground though if it was real life" :

  12. Just like with a nuclear blast, you can hide but if literally the entire world has been turned to dust, you’ll die anyway.

  13. Not his fault the Dutch absolutely refuse to make friends after school.

  14. That’s just how we are. Bonds are crazy, another person outside my friendgroup would think we are insane with how we talk and joke about each other.

  15. They would have told us about the release date with the reveal if it was that close. It’s still a bit far away imo

  16. Death note and AOT are the perfect anime’s to start with. Great pacing with an incredible plot.

  17. Lmao, reminds me of my sibling who found porn on our uncle’s phone, and now i’m threatening them of telling him that he found that stuff on his phone.

  18. Lol, the topic is asking about theories of the timeskip Designs,not when the timeskip is taking place

  19. Who even said there’s going to be a timeskip? They just might build towards that’s scene instead of a timeskip.

  20. They could have done so much with an AOT collab. Titans roaming the island, multiple AOT skins, actual titans as the storm(Rumbling), Paradis as an POI, like the only anime collab that has been done good so far is the DBZ one, even though most of the skins look like garbage.

  21. I enjoyed it til season 3. But I have shown 3 other people the show, 2 tapped out after 2 episodes and 1 after the first season. It is very anime-ish, with the over the top action and constant screaming. Props though for being one of the only animes without water bag tits being shown every 5 seconds.

  22. Tell them to just watch the show and put down their phones

  23. Epic made a mistake by waiting 1/2? Months for this collab. It had a bunch of initial hype, i haven’t played this game since forever yet i was hyped to hop on with a few friends, just for the Eren yeager skin and ODM gear, only to find out it’s not coming till 2 months from now🤷‍♂️

  24. Mobility is gonna be hard to come by this season unless you get one of the augments. (No hammer, no soaring sprints augment.) I was hoping at least to see the grappler.

  25. Yup. It’s going to be boring as hell. The map is bigger, and atleast 20% of the players are bots. Was optimistic for the season but somehow epic games finds a way to mess it up.

  26. FIFA operates outside of the gaming market, the majority of it's sales are to people who don't buy any other games.

  27. Yup. I know multiple people who have a PS5 just for fifa

  28. Meh, would rather have some map changes across the map, not just a limited section.

  29. I’ll crank 90’s on all of them, every last one.

  30. As the years pass by, that’s my genuine thought aswell lmao.

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