1. Weight loss is very simple but really difficult

  2. I win most of the time. It usually ends with like 4K in coin’s

  3. Dont let them get fat Don’t let them consume porn Make sure they get friends

  4. Didn’t you know, anything that doesn’t involve skill move spamming and through balls to 90+ players is broken.

  5. Akatsuki: has a plan decades in the making, killing thousands in the process

  6. I hope they fix the acceleration type. What happens when we reach tots? Everybody gets explosives or controlled run types because of inflated stats?

  7. By tots the game is already dying and the power curve is already at ridiculous levels anyway

  8. I say spring 2024. They said they have been steadily moving more resources towards GTA 6 which is why RDO content updates is so dry and will continue to be. Tez2 confirmed that the contract part 2 is on the way for Nov/December as well. I just don’t see them going back in for a 3rd part of the contract to release in Nov/December 2023. The criminal enterprise Update had only added a few missions and upgrades to the stuff already there, contact missions, and QoL updates (which we’re surprisingly generous). But yea previous July updates had added new modes and a spot to go to but this didn’t have any of that. Usually devs do QoL updates like that before they move on.

  9. They stopped developing content for RDRO because it isn’t making them enough money. Did they stop development on GTA online for RDR2 or GTA 6? They didn’t and hell GTA online is the reason why GTA 6 is probably releasing 12 years after GTA V.

  10. I play how i want and with the players i want. I know 90% of teams will have Neymar>Mbappe by December but that just isn’t fun for me.

  11. Also, remove sticky bombs and auto lock mechanics.

  12. My mom always tells me to never mix milk and fish, since that would poison me.

  13. My mom once showed me a gigantic photoshopped dog from Facebook. She swore it was real and i was just an idiot for not believing it.

  14. I had a friend in my class who was absolutely delusional. A girl in my class had a crush on me, we talked a bit.

  15. I've seen this exact comment posted during the 1st week fifa has been released the last 3 years. It always starts like this. Combine future patches with juiced up promo cards and it's not slow anymore. I give it a month tops.

  16. I can recall the first patch of FIFA 22 that made it easier to score because the community cried that they couldn’t put some random fast striker at ST and finish everything.

  17. Only dragon ball fans exist, Z and Super are not separate and do not have separate fanbases.

  18. People using players for fun? What is this foreign concept?

  19. I commented once that using Mbappe+Neymar for every fifa and the whole year round cannot be fun and i got so many salty comments lol.

  20. I use players i like. I primarily play to score headers because they are satisfying and i get hate mail afterwards that makes me laugh.

  21. So tired of the ‘overpriced’ idiots at every SBC that costs a bit amount of coins.

  22. Elite division doesn’t mean anything. It’s a matter of time played because of checkpoints, not skill.

  23. Yes and it won’t matter because the cards will be behind the power curve long before that

  24. I quit fifa earlier last year because WL was too boring. I kinda miss the rage.

  25. Nah. I have some fond memories of GTA online with friends. Had a fucking blast playing it for years until everyone got bored.

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