1. Holy fuck I was starting to get anxiety until I got to near the end of the article. He seems okay at the moment with that new chemo.

  2. The platinum edition only adds the platinum DLC to the game so you’ll be fine

  3. It looks like the bandit and its a dlc truck I just can’t remember which one it’s a part of

  4. I always need a recovery truck along with the main truck to pull the cement blocks around the map.

  5. I just want to know how op made it cuz every time I use it she drinks gas like it’s water

  6. Yet another reason why I’m so glad I have an up-n-atomizer

  7. The meat was probably sold to any high end restaurants still standing and the rest probably made into other products like hand bags from the skin

  8. Well I know where I’m spending the rest of my time on snowrunner when I get it

  9. Are any of your tracks connected to any that go outside the map / any tales of land you have

  10. Main battery secondary batteries, torpedoes tubes and AA guns can all be destroyed

  11. If I could make some mods they would be anything that john deere has irl that’s missing like for example a round baler

  12. Thunder jaws are the only reason I can fight the rest on the list

  13. After he was old enough to be on his on he died to some dinosaur off screen Or in between movies or was killed by some dinosaur sometime after the lost world

  14. Probably infinite just because how many people rob him daily and how many times they do it

  15. I can’t remember it 100% but it’s something with shooting down flying bikes and a great sport

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