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  1. Might not be free but that’s a deal if I’ve ever seen one

  2. I work for the State downtown only one block from where you described. Most people in my office park at Vets, some at COSI. Our hours are very flexible, so many people in my office show up very early and park at the longer term meters. There is no good option.

  3. Vets is the answer. It is the cheapest by half at least. It’s about a mile walk but you can bring a scooter or something and make quick work of it if you don’t like walking.

  4. I really want a gym rework and hopefully with that they could make teams relevant again.

  5. I have been stock piling coins as a f2p player because I know this is coming, they have been looking for a way to lower the amount of coins you can get since they tried the daily task thing

  6. You have to go on half price days or not at all

  7. So now people who are imprisoned after they break the law are victims of geo-political tensions? Bernie really needs to fire his PR people

  8. Yeah this one is just pandering. I know it is a tweet but why do you think that and how could that be accomplished? You can’t just wish her home

  9. I can’t believe someone (your landlord) would be willing to multiple times neglect a leak that is damaging multiple walls my goodness. Sorry OP

  10. Ahh, thanks. That’s validating to hear. My father always says that looking back he wishes he’d rented a house over owning one due to repair costs and time, but not having any control over your living space is brutal. Don’t even get me started on the great mouse siege of 2021.

  11. I mean, this is doing extreme damages to the house which is going to cost way more than just fixing it the right way while he was in there

  12. Op is pandering with this title and casting a false positive light on the shooter. Why does Reddit do this? Do they think we are all morons who can’t put 2 and 2 together?

  13. I mean, most people here are. 99% of people don't watch videos or read articles

  14. IIRC she plays in a foreign league to supplement her incredibly low income from the WNBA

  15. Honestly, I could see that happening. Might be a good compromise on his contract, the only problem is if he's worth the roster spot.

  16. Yes and I agree it would be cool, it seems odd to waste an available coaching spot. Not saying he wouldn’t do good but we need all the coaching staff we can get

  17. Black women have much higher maternal mortality rates than white women. Cincinnati has a Black population of 40%. Poverty is also a driver for maternal and infant mortality and a quarter of Cincinnati's population lives in poverty. Beyond that, I have no idea if there are other reasons like lack of maternity wards, pre-natal care, etc.

  18. I don’t know how to say this appropriately but I feel like every major city is 40% black and poor, right?

  19. Can anyone shed some light here? I have no idea what’s going on and who these girls are besides Riley.

  20. I don’t know either I am guessing it is the same person but they have aged and used less photoshop in the left or something

  21. If you literally read the second picture you can see that it’s Remy Lacroix on the left.

  22. Yeah sorry didn’t go to the second page

  23. It is crazy that they can somehow make this feasible. imagine manufacturing these huge carts, having to transport all of them to Malaysia, Probably plan for days to block 15 miles worth of roads, spend a whole day and a crew of dozens of people, just to load giant gas tank onto a boat

  24. Had a similar thought. So then I started doing some back of the envelope math:

  25. Great work! I would say yes feasible, however they just put it on a boat, I am wondering if they have to do this on the other side now wherever it is going!

  26. I had to do the Ublock origin script thing just because of that bullshit.

  27. yo can you link me to that? mine stopped working this week

  28. That’s what I have and have been using successfully for months until this week

  29. also looking for information on this, i am using the pixeltris .js mentioned below

  30. I'm 45, you're right. 1985 to 1992 was our only dark time where we didn't perform like a blue blood. Woody was fired after the 1978 season, Earle Bruce was very solid through 1984 then fell off and Cooper wasn't very good until he righted the ship in 1993.

  31. It is absolutely incredible how they have hired a better coach every attempt since Cooper. They have never stopped getting better in my lifetime

  32. I know right? I hate Iowa with the heat of 1000 suns, but tOSU is maybe 900 still. Why can’t they just suck for a bit? Or even go 9-3 for a few years…

  33. So many times I thought, man this is it! This is the scandal or coaching change or whatever that is going to tip them but they are just a machine at this point, we can’t really expect them to come down just have to get up to their level

  34. Anyone wanna take bets on this actually being prosecuted as a hate crime?

  35. What the hell I could daily for a month on 200mg

  36. When I was about 35 (I'm 53 now) I went to work with a bunch of people I knew at Yahoo!.

  37. That link is paywalled, have a summary of the manifesto?

  38. Because she is a US citizen and Russia wants to use her for propaganda and to possibly exchange for a Russian arms dealer the US has imprisoned.

  39. I mean, we do this to our own citizens too, (which people should be upset about)

  40. Heard some rumors that they would take out Joey with covid and replace him with Kamala… dear lord we are in trouble if that’s the case.

  41. They have had every opportunity to give her a smidge of momentum for this moment or re-election but she has done the opposite, with that in mind I’m not worried

  42. I'm sure this will be a really great productive thread lol

  43. Anytime harbaugh does anything related to his religion it gets posted here.

  44. They put their watermark over the video but it is so intrusive it moves and is so distracting

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