1. I play AoS a few times a year, and it's not too hard to keep up. Just keep an eye out for changes to your faction's rules, and make sure to have the updated General's Handbook, and you should be fine. Some factions will be getting new battletomes soon, so it's important to keep that in mind. What faction(s) do you have?

  2. OP this is my experience too, and why I dropped 40K back in 2020 and have played AoS since

  3. Yeah for real, maybe like don’t spend 2k before you’ve ever painted a mini? God forbid you don’t like it…

  4. If I may ask, what color did you use on the moon on her staff?

  5. Thanks! Over a white under coat I used a thin coat of Kantor Blue, followed by two thin coats of Night Lords blue and then an edge highlight of Kantor Blue 😁

  6. This is the first time I've really given faces a go and pushed myself painting - I'm so pleased with how it's come out! I learned a lot painting it and having made a couple of mistakes, I know better for next time too!

  7. Isn't this the one who made that really racist scooby doo rip off?

  8. I think a key point here is "a lot of lonely men and women" AND WOMEN

  9. I was just reading in more detail the thing today that came out which really was the final straw- and it makes me actually quite angry.

  10. The bible teaches us about the way the world is, not the way we want the world to be. Why do you think it is that as Christians the whole point is, we are called to be different to the world.

  11. I had to reach out cold to my local lodge, they got to know a little first then I was initiated.

  12. Wow. Yes, when we find ourselves in periods of waiting it can be really tough to discern the lesson we're meant to learn. It's also so unnatural to us in a world where we plan everything all the time.

  13. It just amazes me how the entire feminist history/movement is completely fucking irredeemable. The more I learn about this cult, the more disgusted I am.

  14. Well, as Jordon Peterson rightly says "Women have to also expression aggression somehow"

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