1. Soo how are seed drops announced? This strain sounds super tasty and I'd love to purchase some but ive only ever purchased seeds from NASC. Are the drops only available on the seed bazaar?

  2. Yes the drops are only on seed bazaar, and they will announce the drops here. Whatever is left from the drop then gets sent over to seedbanks.

  3. Idk if it's allowed to talk about other breeders here. But he's just 1 guy I think and it's 25$ for a 5 pack or something. I found him on discord

  4. The HOJ grinder is completely magnetic if I recall correctly. But people prefer the

  5. The flower mill seems to be the only stainless steel grinder out of the ones recommend in this thread. I can get a perfectly adequate aluminium grinder from Amazon for £20, so I certainly wouldn't pay £70+ for one.

  6. Yeah it looks like the original post was 3 years ago. Wish I had seen it.

  7. AC infinity has new fans which I'm sure will be the only fans you'll need. Good luck :)

  8. Mephisto generally breeds for small plants for sog style grows, except a few like Mango smile. There are other breeders who have cultivars which grow huge for eg night owl, roc bud

  9. This is something I didn't realise/know. I thought mephisto had a reputation for premium autoflowerr and assumed that also meant high yields.

  10. If I remember correctly they do mention in almost every strain info that best yield possibility is via sog. You'll notice most of the meph plants are tiny, their latest one the wedding is a good example. They encourage sog style grow cos you'll need more seeds to achieve the desired yield and you'll end up buying more seeds. This is their business model from what I've understood so far.

  11. These seem to be Parvati’s tears which are 105 micrograms

  12. I swear bro. Will never understand the hype of BCG compared to the flower mill 🙌

  13. If you did this in your yard, then it definitely got pollinated by a photo. Pollen can travel vast distances

  14. Seems pretty unlikely that somehow a neighbor had a photo going though that got it though doesn't it? And all 10 were female, so the likelihood I picked 10 seeds that avoided selfing and we're also female... I mean maybe, but damn the probability doesn't seem to be there lol

  15. Cannabis pollen can travel over 10 miles. If you ever want to make seeds, do it in a closed environment like a tent. And yes, seedsman isn't really reputed for its genetics or for being a breeder.

  16. Assuming the t1000 is 100w, it isn't sufficient. For a 3x3 you'll need at least 240-300w

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