I want to say, I was super terrified to post my last photo of my Luke Skywalker costume but you guys loved and I can't say thank you enough for the support.

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  1. It hands down the worst heavy gun in the game. Low damage, low ammo, low range, slow, bad accuracy, etc

  2. A smart gun upgrade in avpExtinction gave it irradiated rounds. From the description: The M57D is an utterly vicious weapon that is sanctioned for extreme circumstances only. It fires rounds that shatter into hundreds of radioactive splinters inside their target, causing human survivors of the weapon to develop all manner of debilitating long-term health problems. It can create truly astounding radiation levels in larger targets, forcing these enemies to lose health for extended periods of time. Naturally, the upgraded Smartgunner wears radiation shielded armor as a safety precaution.

  3. I remember that, but I'm talking about from the old comics, the era of W-Y making steroids from Royal Jelly lol

  4. Xeno zip, right? I love those old comics. It's been too long.

  5. Frickin loved this both of these, so I have no problem

  6. I can totally understand the appeal, and I love the idea of picking up where Aliens left off…

  7. That's why I love the Earth hive, female war trilogy. It was hicks, newt, but now it's Billy and Marine guy. It works just as well without being the same characters.

  8. Back in the day I would use the slow time spell to cheat it.

  9. This is asked somewhat regularly here and a search would likely get you a lot of answers.

  10. I love the humor in overlord. The Dungeon series, specifically 3 for me, has a hilarious tone to, well the whole game.

  11. Have you played Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning? The gameplay is very Fable feeling, from running around to diving in ponds. Both my brother and myself both enjoyed it.

  12. I don't know anymore. I fear my wife and I are sexually incompetent at this point. It's been getting worse and worse. We're usually very good at communicating, but when it comes to sex she's just not even into talking about it anymore. I'm so lost with dealing with this. I don't know

  13. Reebok even put out special edition "Bug Stompers" in 2020.

  14. That more fitting than I had expected, lovin' it

  15. Second, there was another one called trollhunter a while back

  16. I'd say the cartoon was far more powerful. Then again, the movie Zilla is represented in the cartoon as well.

  17. Today my father called my aunt and told her to hide in the basement because there was going to be a nuclear bomb dropped on Massachusetts. As you've probably figured out by now, it hasn't happened.

  18. I rather liked the story line, it felt at home with the older comic series. The gameplay, especially after that amazing demo trailer, was a huge letdown. Gearbox siphoned the budget into borderlands 2. (Which I did enjoy, but that's not the point). Y'all, is it better on PC with mods?

  19. I love extinction, but I'd still be good with XCOM style. Lemme build my hive!

  20. I like when he's able to bleed. When he's just untouchable it can get boring. When he bleeds, when he gets hurt, the fight feels more exciting, makes me want him to win, so the wounds and scars aren't in vain.

  21. Same here, it's just boring when something is indestructible.

  22. Barriss Offee. And y'all can't convince me she's not the Seventh Sister. That would make Ashoka's Trial all the more impactful to me.

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