1. I think Clayton will be one I’m looking at in later weeks but the draw tonight for him is a torrid one and the form he is in currently doesn’t strike me as someone who would make a run through Dimi, MVG or Smith and then the winner of the bottom half of the draw. He’s far too inconsistent of late but I’m sure as the weeks go on he’ll find it again like he did the previous 2 years.

  2. I'm pretty new to darts and betting darts so I appreciate the insight. Thank you. Dobey and Clayton have done me well in the past so I figure I'll ride with them until they don't. Excited for the matches. Bol.

  3. Her source is a meltdowner working out of a dumpster behind bed bath and beyond.

  4. Lol figures. Actually wish you weren’t in the know and it was just popping up for you, leading you unknowingly to one of many rabbit holes

  5. Game postponed. Pistons had trouble getting out of Dallas due to an ice storm

  6. It's the NBA. They could win outright without ever going up by ten and it still cashes like yesterday with the sixers magic game. Or they don't ever get up by ten and lose. At better than 4 to 1 it's worth the risk in my opinion but to each his own. Bol either way.

  7. One sign says people familiar with the matter, the other sign says trust me bro. They are the same picture.

  8. I haven't watched any of the quarter final matches so this is pure gut instinct. Dobey has won everytime I've bet him. All my action for the day is football. Dobey is who I would go with if I were betting it.

  9. Hmm don’t know. Cross his stats were better today but he could be exhausted after playing the later semi-final today. What are you going with in regards of football?

  10. A few parlays on the championship games today. First ones at halftime already. I'll post the ones I have for the chiefs bengals.

  11. Please be a winner so I can get that chicken dinner 🍽️🙏

  12. Pretty sure they have a template and just insert whatever company they're going after. No originality or creativity.

  13. BOL man. Obviously my take is the dog for a reason. I do tend to be a bit contrarian when it comes to boxing, but much like everything else in sports, I don't actually know anything.

  14. No worries. I just wanted to clear up that Kovalev was nowhere near his prime when that fight happened. It could go longer than 3 but not much. Bol to you as well.

  15. Needed 5 steph 3's for two parlays, finished with 4. Would've won 700 on $30. Needed 2 OG 3's in a 15 leg parlay, got injured 10 minutes into the game, would've paid $1100

  16. I see my story in too many of these comments 😂

  17. It's really a 50/50 fight. +390 with those chances are my favorite type of plays. Bailey's as well as he along with his three brothers and one sister make up my quant team.

  18. Soon as I saw the injury I looked to see if the cash out was still there. Couldn't hit it fast enough.

  19. Nice whenever I see an injury and try to cash out never let’s me lol

  20. That's been my experience in the past as well. Got lucky. If Randle could have got his over rebounds like he usually does I would have hit for $675. I'll take this little win as a consolation prize. 😂

  21. Funny how they had no embiid and maxey props on DK for the whole day 🤣🤣😅 so I was baited to take Harden Props and he’s under performing

  22. I came here to chew gum and fuck 🍉 and I'm all out of gym.

  23. We are Edging for tomorrow. Fixed it for ya. 😜

  24. I think anyone who's done it wouldn't want to be president.

  25. Bond market seems to think a quarter is the move.

  26. Between this crap that the SEC allows and Big Pharma, I question humanity sometimes.

  27. Does this “technical issue” have a name — “oh dear god we are going to burn!”, perhaps?

  28. This technical issue, is it in the room with us right now?

  29. Is this technical issue in a multi-billion (and even trillion, taking into account options market) dollar industry a frequent occurence, or only comes when certain selected parties need it to?

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