1. Still $4.99/lb at SF Market, went there this morning and got a few.

  2. Dungeness, right? I was worried when someone said maybe they're not all Dungeness...😬 also thx for the report back!

  3. Yep Blue Crab is $7.99/lb., there is only 2 kinds available and Dungeness is pretty distinctive you can easily tell the difference between types of crabs.

  4. I am on the S21 and will probably upgrade, battery life on the S21 was fine when new, but after just over a year of use the battery life has gone down like crazy.

  5. The entire program costs $12, 474. For a fully accredited AACSB school you seriously cannot beat that price. USC, Harvard, Yale, and other top schools have the AACSB accreditation. And LSU and LSUS have it too!

  6. Hi, want to follow up as I am potentially looking at this school. Given the fast pace and everything of classes, is it hard/easy to do well or bad in a class? Or I guess another way to word it is, is it possible to fail out? Or does the program make to where you are good to go through as long as you put in the required/minimal effort to pass? Also do classes grade based on a B curve to meet the 3.0 GPA requirement?

  7. This kept happening to me one summer after a small power outage. The fun part was me being at work and not knowing. So what did my neighbors do, call 311 and report me of course. Had I ANY idea I would have fixed the problem.

  8. What happens/ed when you got/get reported to 311?

  9. Ive heard UCD is the best if you have the access to them.

  10. Same here the map has not shown our area as out yet but we have lost power for the last 30 min or so.

  11. Boudin SF I think is the most consistent/best for a chain with quality.

  12. Prices already jumped back up around $0.30-0.50 already from 2/3 weeks ago.

  13. I definitely am, especially with the flooding on the freeways.

  14. Do you happen to know year this watch was produced in?

  15. NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount Stand Full Motion Swivel Monitor Arm with Gas Spring for 17-30''Monitors(Within 4.4lbs to 19.8lbs)

  16. I had a pair of them, ended up returning though. All the functions worked well except the tilt up and down on the monitor. I could never get it to work smoothly, it would either be too loose and drops down or too tight where it feels like I am about to shatter my monitor trying to tilt it up.

  17. Interested in the 5700g and Itx MOBO, if you still have anything and are willing to ship.

  18. KC is usually available in most leagues, they play Houston coming up.

  19. I hope Huntley is on the hunt for Andrews TDs

  20. That run in TD should have been a pass TD to Andrews.

  21. How come you're undecided? It's Lawrence, right? It can only be

  22. Wasn't sure bc Vikings could be a shootout and White did well last week.

  23. Yea I have T Law, will probably stick with him.

  24. Watson or Gabe tonight full ppr need to make a quick decision

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