My 10 YO Scottish Highlander before he was processed last year

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It's sus af that the majority sentiment on this sub has been overwhelming positive for Dave Lauer then SUDDENLY a post appears that gets tons of awards and comments within mere minutes shitting on him. I don't buy it for a second. People don't just turn on someone that suddenly over a single post.

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  1. What a fucking piece of shit. Can't fight 1v1 so he uses his dog to maul him, while everyone stands there smiling and laughing. This is beyond disturbing.

  2. Did the mom run up yelling, "You nail my bitch with that [inaudible]..."?

  3. Police have shown, time and time again, that they value white peoples' lives over minorities.

  4. lol rbanks got triggered. Poor, special snowflake

  5. Bet blue was military, some special branch. He wasn’t going to stop

  6. What about this video would make you draw that conclusion? lol

  7. I bought hundreds of carts in IL since the start of medical. The half grams are never fully filled in any manufactures cart. Ever. I suspect because otherwise it would be more than half a gram. But more importantly you guys are complaining about something you can’t even scientifically verify as being the case. You’re just subjectively looking at some goo in a tube and saying it doesn’t look right. What ? In what world does someone saying “I think so” constitute evidence or fact ? Come back when you can actually prove that what you have is actually less than half a gram. Then we can talk. Until then I think this convo is better suited to the likes of Alex Jones.

  8. Yup, I'm a kooky, wacko, conspiracy nut for thinking Cannabis companies are ripping me off.

  9. I don't buy carts because they're a complete rip off already, but if I did. I would weigh it when new, weigh it again when empty, and post when I have actual statistics about the amount I received.

  10. Oh, okay. So it's my fault for not knowing that carts are rip offs.

  11. Offtopic question, but what is happening with the colors?

  12. Yes, I actually posted a picture of his horns before I posted this because we just got his horns a few days ago

  13. Noob question: Why did they remove so much horn, on the straight parts?

  14. The first person to be prosecuted under DeSantis’ anti-riot law. Also cried like a little bitch when he went into court and said, “He didn’t have a good reason for doing it.”

  15. Hi, noob question. Is that cosmoline or some kind of wrapping on the plum mags? Or is that how they look

  16. Both the bakes and plums are smothered in cosmoline, inside plastic baggies/plastic wrap.

  17. Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

  18. Do you have more than one of those PMAGS? I'll take dibs either way, but if you have more I'd take 2-3 of 'em.

  19. Only one currently. Send me a message and we can figure out payment options

  20. Why? Because someone said so, or because you read all his posts?

  21. He consistently pushed his viewers to purchase options and the vast majority of the time, those options expired worthless. He berated people in this sub and would frequently call SuperStonkers idiots and act negatively toward this community.

  22. uj/ make sense why they changed it, the double has room for to clearly she can sleep on the other side.

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