1. with appropriate investments (Tesla, Google etc.) you would have much more money than 10 million in cash.

  2. I would go back to 1991 when I was six. Bet money on Brazil winning World cup in 1994 (or let convince my parents to do this). Then bet money for France winning the world cup 1998. Then invest in some companies. Google, Microsoft whatever. Tthen bet thousands of dollars on a 7:1 from Germany against Brazil. ... At some point I would have way more money than 10 million.

  3. Inwiefern hat gott denn ironie mitentwickelt? ist das open source?

  4. Naja... in den Augen der Christen hat Gott den Mensch erschaffen, also auch das Gehirn und den Verstand. Also hat Gott ja dann zwangsweise auch Humor erschaffen und somit alle Arten von Humor.

  5. Yeah.. i have children now and noone ever told me this, but my Common Sense told me to turn the handle to the side. Before i had children i never thought about this. Now i turn the pan handle, put my tea cups in the middle of the table and not at the corner and lots of other stuff

  6. You’ve never seen the video of the guy who fell on a spiked fence from multiple stories up and it impaled his ass. First glance looks like he’s just chilling there, but he has a hump on his shoulder… that’s the fence post trying to puncture his skin after impaling his booty hole

  7. That was a torture method during medievil time...

  8. Sinnlos, solche Antworten werden gelöscht. Begründung: "Geht nicht auf die Frage ein."

  9. In diesem Fall gibt es aber gar keine Frage... Es gibt zwar ein Fragezeichen, aber keine Frage.

  10. I saw the toes at first, so it took me way too long to see the pareidolia part Perhaps Im not a completely lost soul?? Who am I kidding.

  11. Luckily enough, not at all... I dont understand how anyone would spend one penny to see someones feet

  12. I so hope it will be Uruguay and argentinia.

  13. Just saw that delaney is playing for Hoffenheim. Totally missed that.

  14. Wer mahlt denn bei dir zu hause? Du selber oder macht das schon dein Sklave? Lecker Brot ist immer gut

  15. Da haben 3 Leute geantwortet. Zwei für Ja und einer für Nein.

  16. Ich glaube auch nicht an den Zuckerhaushalt und Diabetes. Alles nur Hormone. Wer braucht das schon?

  17. Einfang ein Fußballverein der Kreisliga D anschreiben und fragen, ob man mitwirken darf. Am Sonntag gehts dann rund.

  18. Nein, denn Vornamen dürfen nicht beleidigend oder lächerlich sein. Das verletzt das Persönlichkeitsrecht des Kindes. Das ist hier schon stark gegeben

  19. Stimmt... Bei Rambo-Ramon-Rainer oder Gandolf-Merlin ist zum Glück kein Lächerlichheitsfaktor zu erkennen.

  20. Es gibt irgendwo in Deutschland welche die ihre Kinder so genannt haben. ... Verrückten leute

  21. Klar und der Hacker denkt sich so: „lass mal nen PC für Bastler anschreiben, dann nicht abholen und dann den Chat löschen.“

  22. Und dann passiert es zufällig dass der original Besitzer auch genau das Produkt benötigt und genau den anschreibt.

  23. Schreib "Alles klar, 100 Eur ist gut" und schick ihn in die Wüste. Oder Duisburg

  24. Das erste ist gar keine Abkürzung. Das ist das Kind von Kanye West und elon musk. Kanye hat seinen Nachnamen dazu gegeben und elon musk hat den Vornamen gewählt.

  25. Germantown! That’s the area where a Saudi student recently got stabbed to death in his house!

  26. Well luckily its not far for him to get to his next Stage.. :(

  27. I read it as rectum at first and was horrified for a fraction of a second.

  28. Is the one dinosaur episode in the new rick and morty season a reference to this series??

  29. There was a Flag with a ton of its own flag in it. The old Lydia flag.

  30. Where I live there is a show with birds where they ask a person from the audience to come to the stage. He need to have a hat or cap . The bird then starts flying and grabs the hat mid-fly. This reminded me of the show I saw there

  31. My prediction is that they get relegated because the coach accodently put the goalies upfront and the striker in the goal. Might be true. Who knows?

  32. The only good thing about this table is the Teletekst layout

  33. Because of the Teletext combined with the Goals on the far left i thought those wernt goals but the old point system with 2-0 Points for a win and 0-2 for a lose... I thought it might be a nostalgic Post or Something

  34. That’s Old Testament. When Jesus was crucified God said he would never do that again. Jesus died for our sins so you would be absolved of wrongdoings. You only need to forgive those that trespass against you and hold no resentment.

  35. But who died for Gods sins from the old testament?

  36. God is perfect. Plus, what is a sin? After Jesus died and then resurrected He took all sin from us. We only need to believe and love all.

  37. But you just said that god said that he made mistakes in the old testament. If He Said he wont do it again he admits wrong doing.

  38. He’s leaning into the shoulder check and missed the tackle. Still not a legal tackle but this does happen all the time and the wall shouldn’t be so close or needs padded.

  39. Of course this happens every time. Its not even a yellow though. Its stupid to mention this in this case. Only the people who decide to put a wall there are to blame here

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