DeSantis says Congress should act if Apple follows through on Elon Musk claims and bans Twitter from App Store. So the party that decries government interference in the free market wants to force a business to do something?

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  1. The article isn’t about the left, and you never address your side again..

  2. I'm not criticizing the sub I'm criticizing the users. So many here take these extremely isolated events as being representative of a larger revolt against Trump with his voter base.

  3. We know, he can do anything. Try and overthrow and election, steal documents and secrets, steal from a kids cancer charity, hire his kids to grift from the WH, sexually assault women and brag about it on tape..

  4. Quit watching CNN and the democratic controlled media news.

  5. Reagan did it for the same reason that Biden is - principles be damned, a lot of other people will feel economic pressure. That's more of a "president wanting votes" pressure than a "partisan principle" pressure

  6. No Republican of my lifetime has ever reduced government or even spending. It’s a myth that’s their principles.

  7. An awful song just played on Philly sport talk radio…

  8. That burning fossil fuels and releasing all the CO2 in the atmosphere was not really going to have any effects.

  9. I don’t vote for people who live life based off fairy tales and hate

  10. This isn't "finances" it's tax returns. If you're looking for money transferred between Trump's organizations and Russia it wouldn't be on tax returns.

  11. Congress can look for how a President who didn’t separate his business interests benefited from the Presidency. 100% what they do.

  12. Because conservatives love the government telling businesses what they should do, and use govt to attack them like Disney?

  13. This is of course stupid of them, but it's not as crazy as it sounds. I live here in Israel, and while I'm liberal and democrat, and while I know trump is a loony cult leader greedy fat asshole who essentially destroyed real democracy in the US, he was "good" for Israel - He moved the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem which is a big gesture for us, he pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal which made us all less worried about getting nuked by a country that hates us for existing, etc.

  14. It's funny that you're being downvoted for stating what should be considered well known facts. Him moving the embassy was a big deal.

  15. So removing the only legit peace deal on nukes made you feel safer? So dumb

  16. he wasn’t a child molestor, your ignorance is showing. the FBI investigated him for years and they found nothing. it has been proven that they all wanted money. he was proven innocent on all counts in court. what more do you want? why do you want him to be guilty so badly? it’s weird 😭

  17. He was a pedophile. He had one case, and the key witness admitted he was paid to lie later.

  18. Auditor…I make my own schedule, just have to get a quota in.

  19. Corporate greed? Sure, there’s some companies out there that are up charging everything. But inflation is happening due to the lockdowns. I don’t think you know how economics work. I mean…we’re literally in a recession…:of course our current administration doesn’t even know what that is.

  20. You just blamed inflation on Trump’s time, and you’re actually right.

  21. I mean yea if you just move the goal posts anything can be true. I mean if we just move the goal posts enough we can say we saved 1 million lives in Iraq instead of murdering 1 million people in Iraq.

  22. As long as you completely fabricate numbers you should fabricate a conspiracy theory, I guess

  23. Which shows we didn’t murder 1 million people, and counts many things we didn’t do.

  24. If you want some battle specifics and maps, Montemayor on YouTube has some great videos

  25. So you were concerned with Hunter Biden’s business dealings too, right? The hypocrisy you’re trying to point out works both ways.

  26. I must have missed where Hunter had a WH job like Trump’s kids.

  27. A yes, Newsweek, that beacon of balanced reporting.

  28. This BS excuse post is really old to just ignore things. Played out. Do better

  29. Those types of firearms were still manufactured and sold during the AWB, though. They just lacked certain features that had zero impact on their function as "assault weapons".

  30. Well the government isn’t letting them do it either. The west kills popular government leaders. Just look at Patrice Lamumba. The west is colonizing the Congo. The blame rests solely on capitalist nations of the west. It’s like saying a dying man is letting cancer kill him.

  31. The fact you try and blame that on America is delusional

  32. That was actually a really hard push by Hillary “Charisma Vampire” Clinton. No one else wanted to do it and it wouldn’t have gone through otherwise. And there wouldn’t be open air slave markets now.

  33. Liberal leadership was looking for any catalyst to enact socialist style leadership. We printed countless worthless dollars. Destroyed the economy. Incentivized people to be lazy and not work. And lied to them their actions were “noble” in order to save lives.

  34. Because if you don't already know about something that's been in the news for years, you clearly don't give a shit. You weren't asking because you want to know.

  35. We aren’t occupying Syria or Libya, you could have just typed less and said you have zero. As expected

  36. Come on stop the cap. If your gonna take something you take it from the weaker person and that is Biden. The scum is the phony President who pulled out the military before the people for a photo op. He also looked at his watch when 5he dead soldiers came home. Biden is already the biggest failure. layoffs are rising because of his bad policies, recession here or on the way next year. All the Left has is name calling because Biden is inept and has dementia. it is not totally his fault for 5he mess we are in

  37. I do not like the utter incompetence of the Biden Admin. Does that mean I hate America? Just want better and unity. They offer no solutions to the real problems. They want to defund police, open borders, send billions overseas, keep spending and other giveaways that stoke inflation, speak in divisive terms, sellout to China, more billions to Ukraine and their money laundering scheme(FTX), let criminals out to hurt the lives of more people, more reckless spending on pipe dreams like solar and wind mills, can not run a country off that, not enough materials for storage. Biden admin is inefficient and ineffective. We may see this be exposed more next year if things in the economy get worse.

  38. Yup, and if you think it’s proof you’re absolutely gullible. Uh huh

  39. How did he get those documents??? He investigated the allegations being made. Let the investigators take a look at these allegations to see if they hold weight. See how that works?

  40. They had evidence…you have a mouse fart against a son.

  41. A mouse fart? Come on man. If you think that the mail in BS wasn’t tampered with you don’t know many Democratic politicians. They’d kill their sister to stay in power.

  42. That’s just a weak excuse because you can’t take a L

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