1. I may be wrong, bu I THINK (don’t quote me on this) it might be a nazi germany era patch. I could be wrong though idk

  2. You can try upping your vitamin c, take some echinacea, and it you start getting a tingle in your throat try gargling with salt water. Get plenty of rest, and maintain good nutrition and hydration.

  3. I know it’s not punk but MCR’s Cover of “All I Want For Christmas is You” is really catchy and fun

  4. I personally can’t stand mcr’s regular stuff but I still listen to this cover every christmas, such a banger


  6. Teenage Bottlerocket and The Lillingtons have a current day Ramones vibe I love.

  7. These are underrated bands in my opinion, the lillingtons quicky become one of my favorite bands when I was first getting into punk

  8. Damn I’m in both Reddit’s bc I think it’s funny but that screenshot for the leftist discord is fucking wild. I’m even moreso left leaning and all that shit is so stupid, especially for a discord page supposed to be about memes. Fuck all that lmaooooo

  9. I’d like to believe this isn’t even a meme and they just genuinely received the yamaka instead of the baseball hat

  10. for the ones wondering what it says: SHE IS WITH US THE DARK IS HERE THE END IS COMING ARMAGEDDON

  11. Weird Al, why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food?

  12. Zombie island. Always scared the absolute shit out of me as a kid while the witches ghost was pretty enjoyable

  13. Sewing, painting, and bushcraft are some personal favorites of mine. Not necessarily crafty but walking around in the woods just to see what sort of stuff I can find/ make new stuff out of it is also a favorite pastime

  14. Haha i also do like walking thru forests. Everytime I go in forest, I learn something new and I think its amazing. Recently I discovered way fertilize topsoil in my forests - if I find partly buried plastic/glass/aluminium container and I remove this theres usually a hole left. So I put in that hole some leaves, dry grass, little sticks whatever I can find that will rot easily, pee in that hole and cover it with some more leaves or grass. I actually like collecting litter, its not a necessary but unpleasant work. If you want to have some more info, tips etc. about collecting litters message me :)

  15. More pop punk/ skate punk than anything, but I could never get into lagwagon, bouncing souls, or blink 182. Can’t stand em tbh

  16. Thanks man, I’ve been looking for some Dropdead and Gauze records for a while but don’t want to deal with international shipping lmaoo

  17. Don't listen to people like this. This is the insecure boy way of dealing. It's not gonna solve anything but potentially open a whole bigger can of worms if the pigs get involved. Don't sink to the caveman level rise above you gotta rise above!

  18. I mean, lifting weights helped me with my self confidence tremendously, and a little physical violence goes a long way when it comes to shit like this tbh. I threw a guy into a wall for stealing my sandwich senior year of high school and got shit maybe once after that incident. If you do it right, people won’t fuck with you imo

  19. Prison mentality? I think we can do better than that but you do you.

  20. I’m definitely not saying this is the only option, I’m just saying what worked for me. I totally see your side of the argument here, but in my experience “not stooping to their level” wasn’t really an option. You either got tough quick or got shit on and beat up, if this kid can get around this problem without falling into that same pit then more power to them!

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