I made Isabela’s dress .

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  1. I believe it was across from the Jedi Temple in a bit of a diagonal. The Temple itself was in an entirely different district from the Senate

  2. What Else Can I Do. Just love seeing the moment when Isabela finally decides to forget about expectations and being perfect be her true self, this is a moment of the movie I wish would happen in my life as I have a similar experience with toxic family expectations and not really feeling that I can be my truest version of myself.

  3. What my brain thought when I saw this: Wanda Maximoff Scarlet Witch Real?

  4. Angry Pepa is obviously very frightening, but angry Julieta...

  5. Honestly I love the entirety of Alma's verse, but my 2 favorite lines are "And I'm sorry I held on too tight. Just so afraid I'd lose you too..." and "The miracle is you, not some gift, just you. The miracle is you!" Both help to redeem Abuela's actions through the movie, one by explaining why she acted that way to begin with, and one a moment where Alma opens her eyes and realizes that a special gift doesn't define a person's importance, the person alone is what's important.

  6. As sad as it is for me to say, Julieta.. I feel like she was very underutilized, but I also feel her character had a lot of potential. Overall, if she was removed it wouldn't really change much of the story in my opinion.

  7. I disagree. She has this nice conversation with Mirabel after the first cracks disappear, heals her hand, and she sends her to bed afterwards, and that's ultimately what led her to starting the whole journey of her saving the miracle.

  8. I almost forgot about this scene, and I suppose you have a point. But also if they did hypothetically take her out of the movie, it's likely Agustin and Mirabel would have the conversation, and the rest would play out the same.

  9. Plot twist (Honestly Pepa should have her own thing that says almost caused plane crash)


  11. Julieta - because I'm the type to go on an adventure and hurt myself doing something stupid..

  12. 1 seems like a total party jammin' to some bangers 3 seems like it would be like 1 but older music mixed in with embarrassing family stories 4 nice peaceful ride to chat and take in all the sights

  13. No, but I forget about Félix half the time.. Its not that he isn't memorable, just kinda forget about him.

  14. I'm gonna hang up the picture of Bruno, and when I have kids, I'll say "This kids is what Jesus looked like."

  15. So many freckles in our family! You know what time it is? I think it's time for a FRECKLE ROUNDUP, FRECKLE ROUNDUP!!

  16. Either 1 or 2 I'd say. 1 totally matches something Pepa would actually say, and 2 is absolutely hilarious to picture

  17. Looks incredible!!! You should try to make her dress from the end of the movie!

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