Barr Says Trump Will Destroy GOP If He Loses 2024 Nomination

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  1. Donald controls @ 50million+ trolls. How many does Kanye have? 2M? And they're probably Donald's also. I can't imagine Kanye's stunt effecting the MAGA orc-army. He's a dancing bear of no consequences.

  2. He should have quit over the anti-mask anti-vax stuff.

  3. So he can stand up and play concerts but can’t sit down and sign books

  4. True, but it was an apology nonetheless. I'll take it.

  5. Why would Elon do something so irritating and arbitrary?

  6. He's king of a kingdom of angry trolls. He gets the title and the office. After that they all take turns abusing him. Meanwhile he adopts that smug, shit-eating grin and pretends he's running the show.

  7. It might be, but there are people who legitimately believe this. I grew up in a pretty conservative, rural part of the country and at our school dances you and your partner had to have space between you.

  8. Super nice. Congrats. Now go buy some stands and be happy.

  9. That was one of three I bought from parts Express, the Lepail, the Tri-Path(man I wish they continued to make that chipset that was the best class D amp I heard so far.) I believe the other one was Bravo headphone /pre amp with a tube. Same class D chipset and the Lepail. None were bad set ups. But I was so ingrained in class AB especially with the new Round tordil power supply. It was hard to even match up a very high power of a AB amp that used increased amperage and voltage by the power supply , 🆒vs the power provided by the Advanced class D chip sets. I know HK came out with a line of receivers that utilizes a class D child set as the power supply, so like the very powerful class A amps that are used in a combination of various high end Technics, some of the Euro high end(a few Philips , Grundig, Vincent, etc. The next few years should be very interesting the new amp configurations around the world One thing that surprised me is that small amp , as good as it is , powering Klipsch, which has always been very power hungry. If it powers those small beast, then the class D amp is a much better design that I though it was Pat B Audiogeeks Vintage Sales

  10. I have a class D, but I'm considering buying a more standard AB amp, because I'm thinking there must be some room for improvement. Thoughts?

  11. His moves were disappear into obscurity and have his professional and personal life fucked OR embrace it and make something out of himself. He's still a fucking kid, 19 - if the left didn't go so hard; he'd have a chance of a normal life.

  12. Didn't people organize and get him kicked out of school even though he was only trying to attend virtually. The kid's first choice was just to become a nurse. Wish he had been allowed to take that path.

  13. They organized, but people organize about stupid shit all the time. He quit on his own. Don't blame 'the left' when the dumb kid derails his own life.

  14. Janeane should have had a bigger career. She got derailed at some point. I'm not sure why.

  15. Good point. "Hershel Walker refuses to stay at primary residence due to Texas abortion laws being too strict if he should need to pay for one" There ya go! My very first disinformation!!

  16. In short, they have no problems killing Ukrainians, they just want better equipment, leaders, food, training, pay they were promised, and so on. None of these type videos do they protest they are being sent to kill people in an unjust war started by their government.

  17. If they posted that video, then they'd probably either get court martialed or shot for desertion. That's not the kind of dissent that Russia accepts.

  18. They got Gaetz's accomplice, who did the exact same thing as Gaetz..

  19. Probably tax fraud. Suspecting also some payments from the Russians.

  20. They might not show up easily. That would be money-laundering & it would take further investigation. It's in there.

  21. The best way not to get shot is to be aware of your surroundings.

  22. You are so wise!. Do you also write stuff for fortune cookies?

  23. Warnock was ahead last time. I'm cautiously optimistic that Walker doubling-down on cruelty and bullshit will hurt them, and give the Dems their 51st vote.

  24. dunno... tell that to someone in the USA who has to buy insulin, or to a native who will starve to death thanks to nestle. Or to a limb / parentless child in the middle east. Whole planet is dying because of it's inhabitants care & selfishness.. seams like extremly greedy behaviour imo.

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