1. Still upset we never got BIGBANG back on the lineup 😭😭😭😭 but I’ll take red velvet!!!!


  3. YES. As a homo, I give her permission to bring this back.

  4. I was so happy the first time I got through it without messing up 😭

  5. Still haven’t managed to get a clean run. Best believe I’m gonna be ready for when the tour comes around.

  6. I still remember pre-Covid when people on here were debating whether or not Lana deserved to have a headliner spot for 2020. Good times…

  7. Uh comparing a personal trainer relationship with someone who is supposed to be a doctor is completely different. It is entirely unethical and in many places would cause the person to lose their license or be subjected to extreme measures by their licensing board. Medical doctor or not, having a relationship with a patient is extremely bad.

  8. Is she a doctor or a chiropractor? Aren’t those two very different?

  9. AUIYM is a great song. Sadly, I don't think people will ever get it. I like hyperpop Yoncé.

  10. Seriously, this guy is really twisted. My wife is Asian and we have beautiful twins. We don't even really discuss which ethnicity they look like. We just celebrate them for being healthy and happy.

  11. I’m shocked people are still in this mindset. I don’t understand it, not sure if I want to. I think this whole fam is gonna need therapy.


  13. And she got paid a fat check for that. Please share how much you got for your COVID look?

  14. We’re in the same boat. Although we bought a hotel package with shuttle service. We won’t get to go so we’ll have to sell. 😭

  15. Damn…I pay $1750 for 1 bedroom in West LA. This a bad deal.

  16. no of course, i work customer service i hate when people are demanding and awful right away i’m gonna be very polite and know it’s not that persons fault and just kinda be stern with what i want and if the answers no then the answers no

  17. I’m sorry but sometimes the answer is no and with some push back you can turn it into a yes.

  18. So they have a chance of being in still? Do we have any examples from this year?

  19. If their tour is run by goldenvoice there’s a good chance they will be at Coachella.

  20. Your words to gods ears. This needs to be the three and I can retire from this fest.

  21. I like the album. I’m sorry to say it. But it slaps. Rap has always had messages of misogyny, this ain’t new. Is it wrong? Hell yeah. Will it stop? I don’t think so. But I do hope it ends soon.

  22. Long overdue. Happy this was done. Meg needs to see that there are so many more people that will RIDE OR DIE for her.

  23. How much are you selling them for? Cause I am actually interested in Elton John tickets. Is this for his LA date?

  24. Hi! This is for the LA show on the 19th, I paid $224 but am happy to let them go for $175. Ticketmaster just gave me the tickets through the MLB ballpark app and there’s a way to forward them on that. Let me know!

  25. It’s really sad that some of these parents essentially sell their own child for a slice of fame/fortune.

  26. If you like it leave it! Maybe change it up for the new year? You can always grow it back!!

  27. omg this album has all of us in a chokehold but i think it's loosening up a little bit

  28. It had me on a chokehold for like 8 weeks. It’s definitely gone down now that I’ve gone to a renaissance event. I’m sure my streams will go up again when visuals come out (will they???) and if she announces your (will she!??hmmm).

  29. I think that's what I need. I would kill to see renaissance live or experience a renaissance event!

  30. Some states will let you track your ballot after you mail it.

  31. California does! You can track it and they will text and email you when they pick it up and I believe when it gets counted.

  32. I was speaking more from the fact that JK’s got some terrible opinions and spouts nonsense but she’s also donated so much money to good charities and has genuinely done a ton of good for the world. She’s just transphobic af

  33. I’m not defending Chris brown AT ALL but I have no clue of his philanthropic ventures. Either way both people put other humans down. They are both scum of the earth in my eyes.

  34. There was a reenactment of the scene that I saw on YouTube and that shit is unforgivable.

  35. Thank you for your concern! I am very good at finding scammers and indeed this one was a scammer!!

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