1. Personally I think that due to russia being on the offensive for most period of the the war and whatever the fuck they're doing at bakhmut. I believe that it's 100k casualties (KIA, WIA, MIA). The defenders usually die less than the attackers no matter what the attacker tries to do. Ukrainian claim of 88880 russian KIA currently suggests that Ukrainian KIA is somewhere around 50k, which is by no means good but a far cry from 100k dead

  2. Ukraine has been on the offensive for months, don’t forget that. Also, that adage - that attackers die in higher numbers than defenders - is not true with the artillery tactic Russia has employed in the East and South, where they only send troops in to areas to mop up. It would definitely hold true for Russia’s initial maneuvers, trying to take Kyiv by sending troops forward with next to no artillery support, and as we all saw Russia paid very, very dearly for that.

  3. Re Bakhmut, I don’t know for sure but I suspect Russia is not utilizing that same tactic of carpet bombing that they employed earlier in the war because they can’t - because HIMARS, which outrange their artillery and have at this point seriously disrupted their supply lines, have kept the Russian artillery at significant bay.

  4. This is it, 100%. And I say this as somebody who is 100% pro-Ukraine. My opinion is that Ukraine has very likely lost nearly as many soldiers as Russia, if not more. But revealing those numbers would destroy morale.

  5. Exactly. The common thinking in this and other Ukraine war subs is that Russia is flat out inept and can’t do anything right. There is certainly some truth to it, for example there is no doubt that their strategy, command, and logistics have been poor, and that they have massively failed in what their original military objective was. But that said, Russia has competent weapon systems and endless munitions, and it is dangerous. I mean, people tend not to focus on this, but Russia still - today - occupies close to 20% of Ukraine. That is a lot, and shows that they are effective to an extent.

  6. I do, here it is. As you will see, this boy has severe PTSD from what he saw, did, and experienced over there. It’s pretty horrible.

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  8. This guy, and the other one who spotted the Russian staging facility that was hit with missiles, are why Russia can never win in the long run.

  9. He's been it from the beginning. His name is Roman, he's been interviewed by several American news outlets bc he speaks English well. He has for sure been shelled and shot at, fired at tanks with nlaws, ECT.

  10. He was also part of an attack on a Russian squad where the Russians feigned surrendering, then opened fire on him and his guys before being slaughtered.

  11. I had not heard that... Terrible. He's brave like all Ukrainians, it seems.

  12. To be clear, the Russian squad was slaughtered, not Roman’s squad. The video is on his Instagram

  13. Edit. Found it, first guy clearly visible lying in front of the building. I was thinking of the wrong video

  14. You must be good at that memory game where you flips cards and try to match pairs.

  15. Is it me or do we see lots of dead Russians with tourniquets around their legs but no other medical interventions. They get hit in their legs with shrapnel, on goes the tourniquet - then death - as they are just left there. No attempt to cut off their trousers and deal with the wound - just bung on a tourniquet.

  16. This guys looks like he lost both his feet, there was no saving him.

  17. In China, there's no shame in imitation, unlike in America. They have their own Mickey mouse and Eifel tower.

  18. I don’t have a military background, but my understanding is the Ukrainian squad (on the right) are assaulting the dugout that numerous Russians are hunkered down in. The Ukrainian squad on the ground is being fed Intel by the team with the drone watching from above. The squad starts by tossing grenades at the entrance of the dugout, and in response the Russians start attempting to flee. As they emerge, they are gunned down by the Ukrainian squad who is strategically placed around the entrance of the dugout. The Ukrainians continue shooting the Russians as they try to escape, as well as toss more grenades at the entrance. It appears two Russians are able to escape, although the second one looks like he got hit by gunfire and/or grenade shrapnel and does not make it far before going down.

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  20. You are awesome, man. Thank you so much for the translation and all the time you took to do it.

  21. It is ... messy ... It's not a second government, it's technically under (or beside) the IRG themselves who are technically under (or beside) the government. Iran's structure is a bit of a mess. IRGC is directed by IRG needs (in theory). The whole thing is a giant mess. However, the government is supposed to have oversight over all the above. Supposed to is the operative part there. The reality is often different.

  22. You can see multiple rounds narrowly missing the first Russian who escaped and ran away. That guy is insanely lucky to be alive.

  23. Here we see the difference between soldiers trained on current tactics and untrained soldiers led by commanders using Soviet-era tactics.

  24. Such a basic, simple addition to a foxhole that would have saved so many Russian soldiers throughout the war, but alas the vast majority of Russian soldiers have not had that wherewithal and many have paid with their lives for it.

  25. Congrats on the wonderful news out of Kherson today. When do you think you’ll feel safe enough to return?

  26. Of course, I'll go near the rocket that didn't exploded

  27. That’s now how this works. The rocket spews the leaflets everywhere.

  28. It looks like they are far enough behind the front lines they are not expecting to encounter any resistance and are just marching to a destination.

  29. The Russians are routinely striking Ukrainians well behind the front line with kamikaze drones.

  30. Judging by the morning fog, a drone would have to dive down deep to even see them, and the people on the ground would hear it. Second, I've flown a drone before in the marine layer fog, you can get lost quick or even lose the sense of direction. GPS is great and all, but with consumer drones, or even some military recon, you can't expect to immediately translate GPS coordinates onto a map let alone see far enough for artillery correction when you can only see 20m in a radius.

  31. I don’t think the Lancet drones can be heard, like the Iranian drones can.

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