1. We all assumed those top 4 . Drury ofc we’ve been saying we want to keep . Didn’t seem comfortable here . Don’t think I saw him smile once 😆

  2. He said he likes to keep his emotions under control during game. The most emotion we saw from him was that go-ahead hit in game 2 of the NLCS which was the biggest hit of his life. This was the best team he has ever been on I imagine he enjoyed it but he's likely gonna try to get the best deal he can either way.

  3. He said in the "unpopular opinion" thread that he doesn't like the brown. If I got money to go to a playoff game at Dodgers stadium though I'm 100% rocking the brown even if I'm not a fan of it.

  4. Based on the results it seems to be unpopular but to me the city connects are a "fun Friday night jersey" but in my opinion our home pinstripes are are what we should wear in the playoffs on Friday night.

  5. They should start wearing the old blue uniforms at Petco if this is how they are gonna play

  6. Soto actually does something for once and we send Profar because the offense has been so bad that we are desperate for runs

  7. There are a lot of Dodgers fans that live in SD already

  8. What makes this hurt more is the fact that last night's game was so winnable

  9. Can the offense please come back, I’d like to not worry for the rest of the game.

  10. I will never not worry at Coors field. We could be up by 10 in the 9th and I still won't have that "yup we won" feeling.

  11. Still waiting for the Bob Melvin and Peter Seidler flairs. Was told it was being worked on quite a while ago but still nothing.

  12. Colinsworth resigning us to "next year" fuck that piece of trash

  13. "Ego" issues two straight years. Imagine Brdar's actually had a solid gameplan all year and players are just choosing to do their own thing.

  14. I read you say "pummeled" thinking they would be down by 6+ plus only to check the score and see them down by 2

  15. The Drury grand slam in the 1st inning of Soto's 1st game with us was our World Series

  16. Put this exact same roster on the Dodgers and they win 100+ games

  17. Where were you saying we’re average yesterday when we beat the mariners ? The mariners are a damn good team with two of there best guys on the mound your not gonna say we’re average after 1 game stop overreacting

  18. The Padres have been playing .500 baseball for months. They are the literal definition of an average team. That was also true after last night and it's true today.

  19. Musgrove and Clev playing around going to the Seahawks game when they should be studying film and working to get themselves right instead

  20. It basically is! These teams are bad-ass and evenly matched.

  21. Padres have been playing .500 ball for months. Only the Dodgers have a better winning percentage than the Mariners in that same stretch. The Mariners are currently a much better team.

  22. If the armbarn can keep it up we will be dangerous as hell in the postseason

  23. As a Nationals fan, yall dont deserve him.

  24. Only 2 up. Lost 2 of 3 minimum to AZ with the Dodgers coming this weekend. Hard schedule the rest of the way. I don't see it folks.

  25. I'm rooting for the Reds tonight against Colorado unfortunately

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