1. Or you know just straight bet the money lines like a normal gambler.

  2. Question, if you are working with a lower bankroll and you are straight betting. I feel that it is very hard and unlikely to see a profit. Would you say for people with a lower bankroll. Parlays are a good way to build your bankroll?

  3. If your going to donate to a business. Make it something other than the Sportsbook

  4. And the parlay that had your locks is now busted how does it feel being such a genius gambler? Now you have to root for the lakers, broncos, and grizzlies, and you said yourself you guaranteed they all lost

  5. It's actually very purple, but dewine and yost et al have hidden the blue crayons

  6. True, I’m a diehard democrat and voted for dewine. I hate nan

  7. I mean who makes it and where is it sold? I've searched high and low in this sub, Sunnyside, Columbia Care, and Verilife. You can't just say "trust me they are everywhere" ...tell me who makes them and where lol. Can ya link to any posts in this sub? 99% of the time when I get this comment it's people confused between the difference of resin and rosin... which seems like the case here honestly. I keep very up to date on products in our market. I've seen one post about a firelands rosin luster pod in dayton but have never seen it anywhere else. Not sure if they didn't roll them out or what.

  8. Rivera creek live rosin luster pods just came out last week

  9. Butterfly effect is better price , nano emulsified and more potent in terms of potency per volume. I thought the buckeye relief was a bit too much honey and not potent enough per volume but my tolerance is a bit high. It sure did taste yummy

  10. Def get a luster. Don't be scared by recent reports. Most lusters are fine.

  11. I don’t understand how people like lusters. I have tried almost every kind and have yet to find one that gets me super smacked

  12. Which is fine because I never get close to using all of my days

  13. Do we get a medical discount in Michigan? Does Michigan honor Ohio cards?

  14. Butterfly, Klutch, Firelands andI have bought a few rythms with no issues . Just stay away from plain distillate .

  15. Just had a rhythm, it tasted like cbd and seemed like the cbd ruined the high

  16. My suggestion- the answer is it depends. Carts last a long time, up to a year until they start to degrade and even then they’re still smokable. But as I’ve heard truck drivers get random UA’s I’d keep it somewhere far away, somewhere it’s a hassle to get to. For example, I keep mine in the trunk of my car at the moment (it’s still cold enough here that they won’t leak). That means if I want to smoke, I have to get up, go out of my dorm room, cross the street to the parking lot adjacent to my building, and fumble with my keys in the dark (as I’m a night time toker). Most the time, I’ll decide it’s not worth it and stay inside.

  17. I ended up flushing it down the toilet. Took probably 10 hits. I think I’m still going to call it day 6.

  18. I would say anything that makes you feel better may it be food, sport, games, bathing to relax. Of course it's gonna be unpleasant for some time but that's your brain reconfiguring itself. You got this don't give up your future self is proud. (Also I'm currently 7 days off after years of addiction and cbd flower is literally a wonder for me) Stopped craving thc entirely and the productivity + the feeling of being alive really keeps me going so might wanna look into cbd. Best of strength don't beat yourself up but don't be too weak! Our ancestors fought for us just so we can experience this life so use your time wisely! One shot only at every year. Much love bro you got this :))

  19. Thanks man, I almost caved in and went to the smoke shop. Going to take a hot bath and see if that helps

  20. Same man. Only at 1 day but seems like forever. Hang in there

  21. Thanks man I really needed this. I was just about to relapse. Been going strong for 2 days. We hen you say “I will quit when college is over” I’m already there. I started smoking at 16. I’m 20 now and I really want to get my cdl license. My point of this is I have been saying for years I will quit when it’s time. But now that it’s time it’s hard as hell man. If I were you I would stop as soon as possible just so you are not worrying about it when the time comes.

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