1. Petro is simply not worth the price if you are in the Metro Detroit area

  2. Where are sozo rosin 4g for 60? I've quite liked the product I had from them.

  3. Yeah it just depends where you grab from I’ve seen tier 1 $anywhere between $45-$80g before taxes

  4. It shouldn't, if it's 60$ at olswell, that should be something like retail price for the product. Any other dispo selling thier product doesn't pay what we do and they're just taxing at anything over 60. The green market makes its own rules and they can be dumb ones.

  5. Rkive only use products grown by rkive. They also own Zen Gardens and Play, but they're the same company. Also, which resin is that in the picture, it looks good for cured resin tbh. I normally get their rosin only but considered getting the 15 or 10 g of resin just to have a different entourage effect.

  6. I can afford, but Puffco haven't earned the business with 3 generally trash products when it comes to value and reliability. The OG peak was a 5$ main board and other poor QC parts, the Pro is better, but still won't last years like a 400 $ device should and the proxy is an even more abhorrent waste of money. The point is that you have to give us a quality product if you want us to be a repeat customer. Do you buy a new PC or car if the old one starts acting up after 18 months? No, you fix it, at least most normal people TRY to.

  7. Not exactly the point, I traveled 4 hours to an event and while the locals had their glass, I couldn't be bring all my dab equipment on the road and specifically to another state, so was pleased as punch to have my PPPro. They're not worth 400$ and if their price is so insignificant, perhaps you can gift one to the OP. In spite of their terrible lack of value, they fill a specific void that rigs, torches, and enails all leave gaping. I almost choked on my milkshake ' just buy another one'. The hardware isn't worth 50$ , and when they give us garbage products that usually seem to last about 18 months on a 12 month warranty, that means 400$ every year and a half... that's no way to treat a loyal customer base.

  8. Tested by whom? Still want to put some on my blender I'm going to hell I guess.

  9. if you like to use carts/disposables there are many more opportunities for rosin cart sales then disposables.

  10. not unless Mogul was backpacking? tried to get him out to it last weekend, no dice

  11. I HAVE to get up there myself, meaning to weeks, looks like a blast.

  12. It looks like crumble, as stated by someone else FC is meh. I have their rosin and it's not great either. I also don't agree that humblebee are much better, they just have a wetter saucier consistency, which is great unless it tastes fake or 'extra', which on occasion, IMHO humblebee does. Fwiw, you decide how it looks, not us. If you're dabbing, do yourself a favor and find some rosin or something better than this.At hash bash cup, similar crumble was under 10 a g, from every vendor in the room.

  13. So is this flower rosin? Or is it cold cured hash rosin?

  14. I've absolutely had flower rosin from a provisioning center, it's been a long time, but I was looking for hash rosin , and ended up with some pressed flower rosin 100%. Might even have been fluresh brand specifically.

  15. So, why are folks being called morons for having not heard it used before?

  16. Because they’re acting like morons, complaining about the existence of words they haven’t heard before

  17. Where is it 2 for 50? the Mac rosin jam was excellent, and got better with time.

  18. Rkive shouldn't be over 60 for tier 1. They has BOGO on rkive concentrate at olswell a week ago ,and have 30% off the days before Christmas, that makes a 60$ tier 1 become 42 pre tax. They also regularly do 3 for 120 rkive and 4 for 120 Play. 5th age is regularly 3/100 around Adrian.

  19. It's 30 minutes down 223 from Monroe, and similar time from Monroe to the metro area, so where 5 hours comes from idk. I've found lower prices near Detroit than anywhere else, just observing that the brand mentioned (rkive) isn't always ( or even usually) more than 60 a g. Also, when I've bought from say , the clinic, the product is often not nearly as terpy as it is from Olswell, I assume that's just because of time and storage away from the production location. Nothing changes that BOGO is a Hella good deal, I copped 14 grams for about 440$ OTD.

  20. I'm curious as to how these turn out, I'm always looking for terpy rosin that has you bussin' with your hands on your head. Please fill us in.

  21. Let's play guess the caregiver cost!! Anddd goooo

  22. Case in point is Anna Taylor-Joy from Queens Gambit. Striking and memorable as she is strange looking.

  23. Olswell grows their own product it’s branded under Rkive and Play. They’re known for their rosin but I’ve had their flower too and it’s great. Always deals for 70 or 100 dollar oz. Also Winewood organics gets a lot of attention in this sub but I haven’t been there personally.

  24. This . I've been looking on both the recreational and the medical side for years for consistency inquality of product and I finally found it at olswell. I will say, that I do disagree with what they choose to be tier one versus tier 2 in their hash rosin selection. One thing I certainly like about their business practice is that they do not make the determination of the tear until after the product is made. Not one zip from them costs more than $150 pre tax. And often you can get 2 for that price. Word of warning however,Do not purchase the one g rosin carts. . The hardware is defective on the original version and only the version 2 works flawlessly and at the moment they only have half grams and it's black cherry punch only.

  25. They dropped rainbow belts / super boof and like 2-3 other flavors in the 2.0 pods this week.

  26. Granted, I haven't been in the building for 24 hours now but as of Sunday morning they hadn't made that drop. I'm specifically trying to find 145$ to spend there, as I'm at 9855 loyalty points, and at 10,000 dollars spent you get either a peak pro or 2 ounces of any rkive flower for a penny. Not that I don't have portable rigs but it'll be nice to have earned it.

  27. It only really matters if your medical and often that doesn't matter until you get towards 10 Oz monthly. In medical situations, it's important to know if you're buying au/rec and getting a medical discount to offset the tax or is it actually med, like different products set aside from and unavailable to au/rec buyers.

  28. Worst case scenario, you go out to your car and come back in. Because it's per transaction most will just do multiple orders, just not multiple bags. I've had at least 8 zips at a recent sale, and carts are the same, 15 at a time make one transaction, as many times as you care to. What makes sense to me about this is it's like using kroger to get out 2 or 3 different cash back options of 100$ and paying only 50 cents plus the item your buying. Then I discovered that the service desk does in excess of 900$ for one flat fee of 3.50. Still, multiple transactions in one shopping trip isn't that unusual especially for stoners.

  29. Me too, tastes like you're dabbing plastic IMHO. But I still fw their rosin and carts.

  30. I picked up a few of these for 10$ a pop at IE. all of them are super dark like this and taste like reclaim. Before anyone says “you paid 10$ you get what you pay for!”, that’s bullshit. You can get decent carts for 10-15$ these days. I just got some goldkines for 7.5$ a pop that are actually fire. Hell 12/100 mkx or mittens would be better than this.

  31. You shopped at IE... you get what they sell for the price. I'd rather hit a bossy cart.

  32. Does it matter? You know what they're saying. Amazing how all the perfect people are chilling on Reddit.

  33. Seriously? Multiple entries into any contest gives you more chances of winning. It's in essence free practice, which those that play legitimately have to use tokens for. Seems kinda obvious to me, but that might just be how I was raised.

  34. eh? "play legitimitely'' - what does that even actually mean? There is no rule against playing multiple accounts and each and every player has the choice to make and play them if they desire to do so, no? 🤷‍♂️

  35. You just cannot enter any other competition under an alias, if you're ok with that and it's consequences then fine, I've already told you why it seems shady, it's practice without limitation. It's your conscience (or lack thereof),not mine.

  36. Just a guess, but a full G might be too much for some when they are looking at “one” disposable vape 🤷🏻‍♂️ a complete guess, but sounds good! lol

  37. It's because the hardware gets too hot too often to maintain the flavour that rosin terps have. After half a gram the wick or vaporizer itself will not be as efficient, this wasting your tasty rosin.

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