1. Pro-cure is a chlorine bomb product sold at hydro stores. You put it in water and seal the room overnight and the gas should kill any spores in your space. Then deep clean 🙏🏼

  2. The origanal horzizon is colorado i lived there for years not much car culture at all round there... a bit in denver but only as much as any other major city

  3. Where's the ALL BARS are 4 aco gang? Was really hoping to see one of em saying the actual bag of shrooms is 4 aco

  4. Please phrase that properly next time😂. I thought you said have sex with that thing.

  5. You should never bet on Lewis but I agree with the rest of what you said

  6. Yea that seller might be retarded there is nothing on that bottle that would make me believe there is 5mg of ANYTHING in there the bottle claims 12.5mg of osta so i would assume thats true since im not eating it. But ive never heard of this brand and see no reason to stray from the trusted providers so I would never own those.... good luck with your cycle

  7. Probably could but not worth the risk to not have at least nolva on hand clom or enclom would obviously be better a test booster might help if you only wind up with minor supression but if your nuts shut off a test booster aint helping.... at the very LEAST you should have a plan to buy a serm incase things go bad post or mid cycle but the smart PCT is a test booster AND a serm

  8. There are likely thousands of cases like this that would take wayyy too long to make exceptions for. It's easier to let the players just come up with synonyms.

  9. Alot of times its microsoft that creates the filter on xbox games i played ark survival evolved on xbox and my roommate played on ps4 he could use obscenities to his hearts content... meanwhile i couldn't even type the words "as well" without getting cuaght up by the filter my guess is whose ever filter is catching this just sensors all words with those letters in that combo.... ought to try the "noncharacter" trick with forward slash N...

  10. Wasnt racism thats dumb as hell but the deduction was possibly even dumber

  11. People complain when fighters lay and pray then when commissions make a change in the rules to effectively eliminate it people complain still

  12. not really a complaint, i just wanted to get people’s thoughts on it,, thank you for the clarification though!

  13. No offense meant sorry if it came off that way... i definitely over simplified it as well... like if my opp blast my face into hamburger meat with one of his 2 strikes my 3 strikes aint winning shit

  14. Ummmmm is this a packaging sub reddit? Like i see no marijuana in this post

  15. Bruce Buffer: saying “It’s TIME” with either of them in the ring

  16. Nah fam khamzat was standing up for his girl (daren till) when that awful man threatened to assualt till

  17. Carrying books about nuclear fusion, quantum singularity, and relativistic dimensional travel.

  18. Them books are way too advanced for little Tiffany if you ask me she up to something and to be honest I'd appreciate if you eased up off my back about it

  19. I bought a tenth of animal mints and the second i opened the container the humidity in my house dropped 20%.... im assuming it was a coincidence but then there was also the sparks coming out my grinder when i ground it..... wasnt much smell or flavor either and when i went to smoke it the shit disappeared the second it saw flame..... i can see how it was 33% thc cause it was 0% terp and maybe negative 20% moisture content

  20. I think FRX and Pure Ohio use ancient Egyptian mummifcation techniques in place of the standard dry/cure process

  21. These are "angry golden capped blue ghost yeti macro chode #4 Alabama penis envy" .... definitely 100% sure of this... its really extremely obvious once you realize how dry they are

  22. Lotus Evija rally tires and rally suspension crushed it first try got 194 mph

  23. Who the rtr mf? If so tell him the car wasnt engine swapped 4 me

  24. People think psychedelic mushrooms grow everywhere like the world is a Mississippi cow pasture or something.

  25. Theres ALOT of psilocybe mushroom varieties and most areas do have at least one.... but your cow pasture point still stands.. in most areas you wont find them growing in your backyard

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