1. Why is this a valid argument in NY state, but not one that's come up in any other state that prioritized certain people who lived in the state over others when it came to the first licenses?

  2. It’s come up in almost every state. Active cases in Michigan Maine and CA. Every state with a social equity program is open to this kind of litigation. Ny is just biggest story bc it’s a huge market and the timing of this case will impact day 1 of rec sales.

  3. After reading this article and another NYTimes article about this a few weeks ago I do think it sounds like this guy is engaging in some kind of litigation lotto in order to gain a foothold in the market, but good faith or not, the case raises a legitimate question about our cannabis licensing. If the intended goal of New York State’s licensing program is a restorative justice measure for individuals and families impacted by the war on drugs, why limit the scope to just NY? What purpose does that serve?

  4. People need to look at who funds this research. I saw one a couple days ago. Someone dug the info up on the writer was funded by an anti drug group out of Australia. It's going to start coming in fast and hard from these groups. Look at vaping where tobacco companies lobbied against it while actively buying up/investing in companies. I expect the same here.


  6. Have you been to other states dispensaries? Open and running just fine…

  7. These lawsuits are going on in other states. Michigan, Maine, etc. the same thing that made this case in NY apply every where. Dormant commerce clause forbids states from discriminating against out of state companies. This is the policy in almost every legal state, medical and rec.

  8. Tried some of this the other week! Def some good weed for the price.

  9. This is a non-story. They're allowing dispensaries to set up shop in the back of the gas stations. If you don't have a medical card, this means nothing.

  10. So it is a story, just to the 700k+ florida residents with cards? And the 400k + Americans employed by the weed industry who are preparing to enter the age of corporate co-opts like this one? But it’s not a story to you Gator1523, and for that I apologize.

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