1. It looks like Switzerland...every now and then we see on the news that some guy killed himself doing this...I imagine that the adrenaline rush is beyond the risk of death.

  2. If you do this, at least one of your friends has died doing it.

  3. He feels like our best player after Rice, but that doesn’t mean he would be a great leader. Maybe he would, but the two don’t always relate.

  4. He’s really rated amongst the squad as a natural leader apparently

  5. That’s good to hear, and doesn’t surprise me. We’re going to need some good leaders over the next few months.

  6. Since January, we have 1 win, 1 loss, and two draws in the league and two cup wins. We have definitely turned a corner on results, but that can turn back just as fast. I do think the form has improved the morale, and that’s a much bigger thing than the odd good result. We certainly looked better against Newcastle than we have in many other games this season. There’s reason for optimism.

  7. If kehrer could get his act together aguerd-Zouma-kehrer would be so much more balanced. 2 good ball playing cb either side of an excellent defending cb. I really believe that’s what we bought kehrer for, on top of versatility. Kehrer looks a lot better in a 3 cb formation than anywhere else rb or cb in a 2 cb formation just doesn’t suit him at all

  8. I thought Kehrer had two specifically good plays and No Kehrer-like meltdowns, and was surprised he was subbed off. Do we know why? Injury perhaps?

  9. I saw one today over the Georgia / Alabama border. Not sure if it’s the same one from Montana or a different one. ATC was referring to it as “the Spy Balloon From the Country That Shall Not Be Named.”

  10. Crazy that after 18 years of flying I’ve seen 2 high altitude balloons and one was the day after China sent one over the US.

  11. I just want to know what kind of action this guy is expecting that he is going to need approximately 80 rounds.

  12. Question: If a brace was removed so the firearm can't be confused for anything but a pistol, would the brace then have to be destroyed (or removed to another location) in order to be in compliance? What if there are spare parts (buffer tubes and stocks) for other firearms present that could convert a pistol without a brace to an SBR?

  13. Per a video I watched on YouTube yesterday, the ruling says in several places that the brace must be removed in such a way that it cannot be reinstalled, but I don’t think the rule ever clarifies exactly what that means.

  14. A couple of weeks ago, the thought was these lawsuits would effectively halt the rule until they were settled. Is that still the thought, or was that just armchair lawyering?

  15. This is exactly the type of manager I’m thinking of when people respond “but who would we replace Moyes with?” Believe it or not, there are options beyond Benitez.

  16. I wish they’d just issue one report with little symbols to indicate which parts are relevant to SC, S42, or both.

  17. I thought the prevailing wisdom was science = crafting.

  18. I think that's one way it can be applied. (not sure why you got downvoted?)

  19. At least a few content creators think that. They are who I got the idea from. It’s not what I expected and I suspect people don’t want it to be that.

  20. The lower should be transferred as "other". If not your FFL is a moron.

  21. This isn’t a braced pistol, and the recent ruling and amnesty don’t apply here.

  22. Everyone is responding as though the way the economy is now is the way it will be forever. It isn’t.

  23. Newcastle, Tottenham, and Brighton are all much better than us. We will be lucky to get a single point from those three. Chelsea are better,but at home we have a chance to win and a good chance to draw. Forest are terrible. I think we can manager 4 points between those two.

  24. It’s true that a reclining seat might block someone’s exit, but I think there’s another reason - airplane seats must be able to sustain a certain level of g’s in a crash. They are able to withstand more damage from impact in the upright position than reclined, and this is how they are certified.

  25. I know a Chris Buck that’s not you. He worked on Wall Street in the early 2000’s and I think he’s a motivational speaker now. Is he in your book?

  26. Seems like not a lot of progress as been made...

  27. I had a really good, 2 hour session on the previous patch. Other etf were complaining of 30ks but I thought it was great. Also I got 75 fps on my aging laptop IN ORISON at one point.

  28. I’m worried Cornet is out for the season. Apparently his injury is very rare. It doesn’t sound like Moyes has a firm grasp of his situation.

  29. Happy to see Bowen trending upward with another goal and an assist. With some luck he could match last season’s totals.

  30. He looks better playing forward. I'd tell Rice to sit. If he's determined to be off in the summer anyway then I don't know why we are indulging him. But I'd rotate Downes in as well.

  31. Happy with the line up but once again were one antonio hamstring injury away from absolute destruction. Brutal injury luck.

  32. I may put the ultimate jinx on him here, but Antonio was said to have changed his diet to reduce hamstring problems 18 months or so ago, and hasn’t had a problem since.

  33. Twitter hates this, but it includes some players I want to see get some minutes.

  34. I'm not a big fan of him, but we shouldn't be letting players go to potential relegation-battle rivals. Feels like we'd be reinforcing them, and will probably sell him for pennies anyway.

  35. Nor should we be letting go of players we can afford if the worst case scenario happens.

  36. I have the first two wrapped up. I am unsure of how to starting investing. Do I use a financial advisor or just go through Fidelity (or a similar service)?

  37. After 30 years of investing, I finally figured out I would have been much, much richer simply buying s&p 500 index funds or etfs. Literally every second of researching investments was wasted, and cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  38. There’s also no incentive for the driver to provide any level of service whatsoever. After my third time not getting my food (between this and other apps), I have given up on them entirely.

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