1. We in Hungary say: "cica (kitty) cicicicicc!" -it's a general belief that the c and i sounds help them be more trusting towards us. For example, we have a cat called Soma and at the beginning, we called her Somi, because my family believed it's kinder and he'll love it more.

  2. You're an INTP, based on L, Shikamaru, Leonard & Márk Zuckerberg. Leonard might be an ENTP tho, I'm not sure, but your top part of the list seems pretty INTP like

  3. I had my first peck on my lips at 19 at a bar. The girl was cute & I just went for it.

  4. 10, because if they drown, they're still in the tank, they died, they're still in the tank, swam away: where? they're in a f*in fishtank.

  5. Doesn't help with it. Seeing them suffer is scarier, more disgusting, like they become so quick & wiggly & after that they're some dry clumps. I'd feel like a psycho, alsó weird for bringing dalt everywhere & as I've heard, dalt hurts plants, which is not something I want to do.

  6. I mean I didn’t say you had to go on a slug murder spree I was just hoping you’d feel better knowing you have a weapon against them lol

  7. Yup, it's great to know that they're not unkillable, but the thought of gardening makes me anxious because of them.

  8. Honestly, I feel the same. Like … I wouldn’t want girl using a dildo on me. Nooo. Give me real dick if it’s gonna happen.

  9. Well, I understand you, totally. I don't agree (because I don't particulary want anal, but eventually, I might agree to it at some point, it's just not tempting me), but understand where you're coming from, a dick and a dildo are pretty different and distinct from each other, so it's not the same & I think men have that thrusting motion effortlessly, but women naturally grind on things in circular motion. I mean, we could fuck, but it wouldn't be the same as a man.

  10. Cool. But do you at least eat his ass? Or does he eat yours? I’m sorry, I’m a little nosy and curious tho. All in good taste. 🤤😜🤪

  11. No, we're not into that (me at least, idk about him), but we like to spank each other's ass. (With hands, no whips yet)

  12. Kukucska kalandjaiban volt egy Shiba Shiba nevű lény, akitől féltem, egyszer bújócskáztak a mesében és asszem volt egy gyerek, akit soha nem találtak meg és ez a lény bántotta(?). Később a creepy vibe-ok miatt így hívtam egy fogyatékkal élő fiút, aki kergetett az udvaron, mert nagyobb volt, mint én és féltem tőle.

  13. I prefer the new, you look Kinder, a bit more curious & you can pull off that extra frame & look great in it. I wouldn't let it go to waste in my opinion.

  14. Horoszkóp-minden jegyre írnak egy általánosítást, hogy akármikor születsz, tudjál relatelni

  15. It's argued by many people whether Cyprus is counted geographically as Asia or Europe, yes I know they're culturally Greek, I know...

  16. Well, yeah, partly Greek. The island has a lot of Turkish people as well, but Turkey is considered Asia Eastern from the Bosporus. Well, Cyprus is Eastern from that line as well, but they're part of the EU/eurozone, so I consider them more European than not.

  17. The percentage of Greek to Turks is 73% to 20% in Cyprus, and that is even after 50 years or illegal occupation and forced migration by Turkey. A reasonable person does not call that “partly” but “predominantly”. The national anthem of Cyprus is also the same as, you know, the Greek national anthem. As a result, the Turks do not define the cultural sphere of Cyprus as much as the Greeks. Also Cyprus is part of the EU.

  18. 5-I Miss my boyfriend, I'm lonely, wanna go out & hungry, yet none of my needs can be fulfilled right now😥

  19. Still haven’t found my mbti so idk lmao, although I definitely use Se.

  20. Good for you, Se is my 8th function, so you can imagine how clumsy & awkard I am🥲 I'd love to have Se in my main function stack or at least a bit more than I have😅

  21. De ez egy kelenföldi csoport.

  22. BP-Balaton tengelyen Fehérvár után lakom, ha Budapesten meg nálunk is esik (úgy kb 1 hete, 10+ órákat naponta), szerintem a Velencei-tó is kaphat valamennyit.🤔

  23. Miatta azt hittem regen hogy a Soma noi nev🥲

  24. Nővérem exe (ilyen 33 körül lehet most) is ezt hitte, 2013-2014 lehetett, mikor nálunk járt először és rendesen meglepődött, hogy a Soma nevű macskánk fiú.

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