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  1. Why is this so heavily downvoted? Even if he's misinformed or wrong it's not like he was rude or anything

  2. I am absolutely, 100% okay with the murderer or rapist getting away.

  3. Have they fixed raiders yet or is it still hide meta? Would love to play this game again but its so unfun dying over and over

  4. I really wish writers/directors would make original and good diverse characters instead of racewashing an existing character. Comes off to me as lazy and disrespectful to the people of color they're trying to appeal to

  5. That's either fragile's daughter or a flashback imo. And for sam, the ending of the first game shows

  6. Knowing Kojima, Fragile magically being cured of timefall and now she's taking care of Lou(?) could also be true

  7. I saw that idea as well as the immediate counter-argument that stated that this idea is poor because it penalizes newer players as well as players in the areas that raiders immediately go to due to raiders remembering spawn locations. Since the game likes to spawn survivors on the opposite starting point of raiders, any raiders that go there immediately can usually find survivors pretty quickly, and instantly down them before they accomplish anything. If raiders camp that area or no one comes to save you, that is all bronze medals for you and the lowest priority points you could get, and it's entirely out of your control.

  8. This relies on insanely bad luck, I don't think it really disproves how good it is. It's like saying "yea well when you gamble you have a chance to lose" no shit Sherlock, and my point isnt a good example either because your odds of dying first over and over are way lower then losing a gamble on a slot machine over and over

  9. Does it though? Not a day goes by on this subreddit that I dont see at least see 2 posts about camping raiders, and this game doesnt exactly have a giant community.

  10. I mean yea there's alot of campers but it's not the amount, it's who. I don't think new players are getting camped out first, three games in a row+. If it happens then rip but its unlikely enough that I feel it still wouldnt outweigh the benefits, it'll force dcers who only want to play raiders to do good, helping the team overall. You can't have a good priority system without hurting some good actors, this change would hurt good actors the least in my opinion

  11. I'd say death stranding but God if everything isn't either grey, dark green or bright white snow and that's it.

  12. That’s so awesome. Imagine my surprise when I rolled up on a random Tallneck out in the wild. Crazy.

  13. Specifically level up any structure to level 2 and you'll be able to make it play music or say a line or project a hologram (it can only do one at a time). You unlock more holograms via upping your connection levels with preppers, distro centers and knot cities. If I'm not mistaken, the Craftsman gives a couple horizon zero dawn holos as rewards for upping his connection level

  14. yeah... you are not meant to kill people

  15. If that's the case then why is my truck always full of dead mules/terrorists inbound to incinerators?

  16. That's because you are a psychopath, hahahah

  17. They shouldn't of ran into my bullets so much, not my fault

  18. Thought it was a 6/10 at best. Played it myself with an open mind, now 2/10.

  19. Survivors who hide all game and or do absolutely nothing to stop raider even if the super time machine is 95% and they have dchange ready

  20. Not pictured and true because I played that game: STM just started, raider is full health and there are 4 survivors remaining. Instead of assuming the worst and being a complete party pooper, you could just ask me on the details of the situation. 3 different people gave me their dragon balls by the way, without me needing to shoot them or use emotes. I bet you too run around the map like a clueless knobhead not knowing you just cost us the game.

  21. I haven't a clue why your getting downvoted, besides the knobhead part your completely in the right

  22. Literally pick the farthest, most covered ETM machine spawn point and hide nearby it till your team loses the STM war. Then try to fly to players to pick em up (also keep constantly charging/canceling the escape so you can have it ready to dissappear if raider flies close). Of course it is kinda bm to refuse to help the STM but you gotta do what you gotta do for weeklies. Repeat until completion and you should get it in a reasonable time frame

  23. Special beam Cannon on Cell SHREDS raiders. Super quick with high damage, you'll be able to abuse it the most by getting Tier 4 D-Change

  24. What do the DP chests do? I found about 5 since release but never knew what the point of them was

  25. They up your level by 5 in the Dragon pass, you can only find 2 per day. The dragon pass is accessible from the pause menu in the pre game area

  26. They’re extremely rare and I’m sure that’s by design. They don’t want you to be able to max out the battle pass that easy.

  27. That's an understatement man. If I wasn't getting atleast 1 a day everyday since launch then nothing would be amiss but now suddenly I put in way more hours then usual and don't find one

  28. Pretty sure this isn’t the case. I’ve had quite a few matches where it’s gotten stuck on the emote screen and then booted me back to the lobby after 5+ minutes and my Raider priority has never once gone up. Afaict, the only way to increase priority is to properly enter a match and then leave.

  29. It works backwards is all I know. I lose all my raider priority points if I dc before my raider match starts.

  30. Senzu rush sounds like an awful lot of trouble...

  31. Yea, closing the application. Still counts as dc penalty that adds to the progress of the game temp banning u

  32. I've never been able to do that. Whenever a Survivor is summoning Shenron, they're immune to all my attacks.

  33. That shouldn't be the case. I think survivors can't knock raider out of summoning/consuming a down ally unless it's a super attack but I'm pretty sure it doesn't go both ways. You should be able to do a regular ki blast and as long as nothing is in the way you should cancel them

  34. There's an unspoken rule that whoever has the most dragon balls has everyone else drop them their dragon balls. If you want to summon shenron you have to put in the work by gathering more dragon balls than other players, even if you only get 1 more than them.

  35. I really hope I've made someone's day by roleplaying good Majin Buu. I don't like playing raider so after my weeklies I'll keep raider prioritized and then I'll be friendly to the survivors

  36. On god bro. Had a level 74 start summoning shenron 100m away from Frieza at tier 2. Every person on our team tried to stop Frieza simultaneously but we all had to run eventually (Nerf raider when?) Then of course Frieza got his immortality + 3 downed survivors from the previous fight

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