1. I mean it's extremely cute, but it can't reach most of the strawberries, so putting them there serves no real purpose.

  2. I'm not aware of a kind of worm that isn't beneficial. Actually, the more alive your soil is, the better.

  3. I don't know. That whole article feels like my world is being turned upside down. Nightcrawlers, tiger worms, earth worms and red worms are all bad? That just about covers all the worms that are native here. And I want to lean out of the window further and say, my garden benefits from them a lot. The patches of grass where nightcrawlers live have some of the most fertile soil and green grass.

  4. Not necessarily tied to the previous generation at all. Narcissists exist in any generation. I constantly run into narcissistic teens in a community I'm part of, and no matter what you do like being understanding, meeting them half way, setting strict boundaries, explaining the consequences of not respecting those boundaries and whatnot. The only thing I can say they tend to learn is that they'd rather hang out with people they can have their way with and pull them into their private lobbies where I have to assume the abuse continues. I seriously wish there was some sort of guidelines on how to deal with such people in the wild.

  5. You guys would probably be fun to have around on Manyland!

  6. You can so fix this hole!!! Just look up a bunch of tutorials, take a piece of the wall to a hardware store where they mix you any paint, get that very one, and patch it up.

  7. Isn't that a queen and a young worker? They can be seen around the same time. Especially while hives are still forming. I'm not quite sure if you just don't see them later because they get overshadowed by the masses, or if they just stay in their hives.. I believe later in the year toward winter sleep, you will see a lot more "queens", as the original queen stops producing the pheromones preventing worker bumble bees from growing into queens themselves.

  8. None of them. I'd like to see them do something new. I don't think that new digimon would be necessary for it. This may not fit the franchise as much, but maybe a more serious show in which the relationship between digimon and humans has been developing for a while, leading to adults who are now using their partners to "take over the world" with the goal to secure a safe place for digimon and their human partners.

  9. This is high Survive sequel fanfic material I'm in

  10. I haven't really considered writing fanfiction that honestly. Let alone Digimon fanfiction. But you're making me think.

  11. The translation quality of the first one is... questionable. But if you can see past it, it's a really great game!!!

  12. I would stay away from pesticides. They are harming you and your surroundings more than it's worth. Especially for this tiny amount of weeds. Best practice will be to either trim it or pluck those out of the ground. Here's what I would do. Trim, cover with compost or leaves, wait some time, pluck what's growing through.

  13. Like meat, but with savory slightly electric pop rocks. Because it's digital. Probably also depends on soil quality and how long it's been growing.

  14. I can't get over how clever those two pillows on the sides are.

  15. I have schizoaffective disorder. Most people do not know outside of a few close friends. I don’t tell people because they will use it as a reason to invalidate me. Even when I’ve opened up on here outside of the SZA sub, people have tried to infantilize me or have offensively tried to tell me what’s best for me or school me about my disorder as though I am not living with it or as if I am not a functioning adult.

  16. That's the danger when a serious problem is portrayed oversimplified or in a story situation as something that can be overcome. This expectation then leads people to grow impatient over a lack of progress or annoyed to the point where they feel the need to fix you with that simple household method they found on the internet. It's annoying. I can't say I know what schizophrenia specifically brings to the table, but as someone with other mental health related problems, I know how ignorant and arrogant people can be. And I'm not going to say it gets better, or people learn over time. You have to find the crowd that accepts you for who you are. Who don't define you by your problems but as who you are when you are well and medicated. These kinds of people are out there. Just don't give up socializing.

  17. That I'm not joking when I say I have an addiction to chocolate. It really isn't about the sugar, either. Actually, the higher the cocoa content, the better.

  18. I think if someone has a chance of buying openAI, it's Microsoft and not Google.

  19. What the hell did you do to the screenshot? As a graphics guy, I gotta say, I'm impressed!

  20. Why do you sit so far away from the TV?

  21. 1: Build your base on a shore, quick access to the ocean makes travel MUCH faster

  22. They make long travels feel less boring. The bad part is, you can't turn the music off, because technically, you are INSIDE the instrument.

  23. Valve doesn't have to rely on baiting people to move to their platform, because they already have the better platform.

  24. I'm broken. I avoid anyone with even just a hint of this behavior. Even just thinking about it pulls me into a negative headspace that I can only describe as being hit in the head, blood pressure going down and this feeling of dread that makes me want to get away from everyone.

  25. Very nice!!! This may sound like a strange suggestion, but you should totally try the original anime! Starting with the movie and then the first season of the series! See what storytelling in Digimon is capable of!! And have fun! :)

  26. That sounds nice but I only play the games sorry. But thanks for the suggestion anyways.

  27. Gotcha!!! In that case, I recommend playing a little bit of the original Digimon World, in case the upcoming Digimon World game sounds up your alley!!! I have reason to believe it's a direct sequel and has a lot of theming that's meant to be seen in contrast. :)

  28. You don't understand. All that person is saying is that the people who'd patch these kinds of issues are now gone. Not that them being gone caused the breach.

  29. Wrong, he used the word “prevent”, and not fix/patch/resolve. Stop siding with every Elon hater, regardless of what they say

  30. The people who prevent these issues are also the ones who are responsible for fixing them. That person may have made a confusing statement, but they clarified with a statement that is true. You're getting worked up over nothing. Interpreting intent is not that clear cut.

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