This is just a brilliant optical illusion using white paint

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  1. I have a feeling your talking about Blender. I got into that when I was in secondary school back when it was in the version 2.6 - 2.7 stages when you had to learn all the hot keys off by heart. It was really fun just making random ideas and messing around with it and once you get past the learning curve it’s actually very fun.

  2. They're both using the same tech. Copilot was developed using open ai.

  3. You can't post videos or pictures of people online and outright call them criminals and expect a positive outcome. There have been many cases of such information being misused. Cases of mistaken identity etc. Its dangerous. Go show the police what you've done here and see what they say.

  4. Sometimes people use useCallback or useMemo with dependencies that always change. For example when the parent passes a new object or array as prop.

  5. I think there are linking rules that should help avoid this issue.

  6. Probably had high rent at the time and struggled to make ends meet. Oh how times have changed...

  7. I recall reading that models of a similar scale to gpt-3 require 45gb+ of VRAM, which is almost double the spec of the most powerful consumer-grade GPU. It is not currently realistic to run these kinds of models on consumer hardware.

  8. Why don't you want it to rerender? It may have very little performance cost if any. React is very good at this. You can use the react dev tools whilst debugging this to check for actual rerenders. I'm not sure console logging will work as well as expected here.

  9. I mean, every time someone asks this question in this sub it's always the same, random kids who spent 6 months living in Raval during their Erasmus and never had a problem saying that it's a perfectly fine area to live, cause "i'm a girl who walked alone at night no problem" or "they never stole my phone cause I paid attention".

  10. This is the only honest answer I've ever seen online about this topic.

  11. wow that was trippy. after reading the title the illusion completely went away. went from 100% to 0%

  12. Same really strange... Normally I can drop focus a bit and jump between the different perceptions.

  13. I'm waiting for someone to figure out that you don't need 1 EM per team. They can easily cover 2 teams and should be able to do 3 depending on team size.

  14. Alcohol in general. I understand wanting to her drunk/ tipsy or even just let loose, but i cannot believe people enjoy the taste of ANY alcoholic drink whatsoever. I’m always trying new drinks and i have yet to find anything i could stomach.

  15. It's a tolerance thing.. you don't taste the alcohol part as much after repeated exposure. I've gone long periods without drinking but after even light beers tastes strongly of alcohol. Disgustingly so.

  16. i really appreciate the honesty. im always trying to explain to my liqour hound friends that they think it tastes good because of the repeated exposure to a substance that gets them intoxicated. not because it tastes good like chocolate. i like to smoke a lot of weed - pretty much the same thing there.

  17. Yep like smoking cigars or cigarettes or weird expensive food. People pretend to like them until they do or are addicted in the case of tobacco.

  18. No worries. It's just a city. The pickpocketing thing exists but it's not everywhere all the time and rarely if ever confrontational. You'll have a blast.

  19. Also interesting to see on an Option, which was just an enum on the inside the whole time.

  20. This is mentioned in the rust book pretty clearly. It's worth reading and not crazy long.

  21. This is just a photo of two guys in a stairwell. OP says they're thieves but offers no evidence to prove this.

  22. I can post the video if you'd like, no problem. 2 guys breaking into a building at 00:47 am, noticing the camera but continuing to go upstairs, leaving the elevator door open for quicker escape, and running away like rats when I tell them I'm calling the police are not in my building to talk about our lord and savior jesus christ. They're there to rob. People shouldn't be racist about it, you shouldn't be naive. I have a security camera cause this happened before.

  23. has had some pretty high profile witch hunts that you all seem to have forgotten about. Again this posts doesn't help matters.

  24. You need to get the information your device is providing into react somehow. What does it output? Where does it output to? How do you link the two? You just need to break down your questions into smaller steps and research them individually.

  25. You shouldn't be calling fetch on each render. There are was to avoid this. Saving data in a global state like redux and only calling fetch once or as needed is one way to go.

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