1. Same for me. Tbf I don’t listen to podcasts too much, but Chalked Cast is def my favorite.

  2. Most interesting thing here is Johnny broke his “no two players from the same region may be next to each other on my lists” rule.

  3. I'm glad people are trying to innovate schedules, but I always found the discussion odd. Our Swiss stage only eliminates half the teams, it's not that hard to make it through. Even if you get a tough draw Swiss is insanely forgiving.

  4. That is a valid point, but unfortunately that issue can't really be addressed except by removing single elim altogether, which I'm all for in regionals as I feel it is an awful format for qualifiers.

  5. Can some ELI5 on what Bucholz Swiss is please? How does it differ from the Swiss we're used to?

  6. The idea behind Buchholz, regardless of implementation, is that any points based system, like Swiss, benefits whoever plays weaker competition (it has its origins in chess which to this day uses pure Swiss tournaments afaik). Therefore each team is given a score reflecting how well the teams they’ve played are doing. In CSGO this influences not only their seeding in Swiss but after they get out of Swiss (for example, of the two 3-0 teams, the one with the higher Buchholz score gets first seed out of Swiss, as it means they played better competition in theory).

  7. Falcons have a 100% win record against SSG. And they are looking back to their spring form. So idk, it will be close. I can see this going either way, but I don’t think you can clearly say SSG>FLCN

  8. 100% win record is a weird way to say they have played once and Falcons barely won.

  9. Nothing too surprising tbh, that 0-0 between SSG and V1 is interesting considering they seemed to play so much last season.

  10. Another Quadrant non-believer. Rizzo and the rest of the chalked cast crew would be proud.

  11. Quadrant might be the biggest question mark at this Major for me. I could see them making top 8, I could see them going 0-3 and everything in between

  12. As with a lot of things in Swiss it really does depend on who they play. Just like you I don’t think they have a chance against V1, who start of LANs really hot and have Comm’s trashtalk going for them, something Wave should be very familiar with. A bad matchup in round 2 puts them 0-2 and I really don’t see them winning that, if Wave’s previous LAN performances and Kash’s regional 3s are any indication. So honestly I really don’t disagree with your prediction.

  13. Tbh I think it’s a good decision. He can always go back and complete his education later, and in all honesty he probably doesn’t need it. Once he wants to retire there is a very viable content route for him considering the org he plays for, could literally end up being the next Kaydop if he gets on that grind.

  14. I think he should get it. I don’t think he needs it if he stays on the gaming/esports space for the rest of his life.

  15. That makes sense now ty. What if for example a SAM or APAC team wins the major (even if it's unlikely) how does the seeding work then?

  16. If it works like last season, they’ll use points from the majors to seed the next LANs. So let’s say Falcons win the major with GenG second place, MENA1 would be first seed for winter major while NA1 would be second seed, and so on.

  17. Because team Liquid can't go from bottom feeder "how can you loose to this team" to regional winner in 2 weeks. That's such a silly reactionary opinion. They have always been a solid team. Pretending they just came out of nowhere is not living in reality.

  18. Now you’re being unnecessarily condescending and rude, as well as implying I’m part of some rabid fanbase, so I’d rather end this now.

  19. This is wrong. NA players ApparentlyJack and Noly are freedom loving, gun-carrying, God fearing ‘muricans.

  20. That’s a leftist lie. God loving patriots like themselves would never move to a communist hellhole.

  21. Nah they didn’t win the world championship

  22. Forgive me for not guessing the future, and going off of two ridiculously mid performances instead of a fucking crystal ball 🤓 People like you are actually so sad it’s unbelievable

  23. Which ceiling. The one they haven’t shown since spring regional 3? Why would I trust them to bring that to Rotterdam.

  24. I talked shit about Liquid's bracket (and it was pretty mickey let's be real) but what a performance against KC, leaving beyond a shadow of a doubt that they deserve to go to Rotterdam.

  25. They beat a team who made the final last regional, another gatekeeper top 5 team and the best team in the world? How is that mickey?

  26. Bro can you read 😭 Where did I say playing KC was mickey. It would’ve been ridiculously mickey if they went to Rotterdam while playing “titans” like EG and Vit to make it and got stomped by KC, while G1 played regional champions back to back. They clearly proved they deserved it in the grand finals.

  27. So obviously Moist had a stinker this event which got them the fifth seed but I don't think their level of play throughout most of the split actually power ranks them 5th in EU rn. They ran into the best team in the region twice in a row in semis, while being seeded higher than them, and, well, you know how single elim goes, you get a bad bracket you're fucked. Plus with all 3 of their players performing well on LAN usually I think they'll do just fine in Rotterdam.

  28. While I don't necessarily disagree, I don't think the seeding matters too much going into a swiss matchup, especially an international one, where seeding across regions is already pretty erratic.

  29. Yeah that's fair for the seeding thing. More like they got unlucky to be on the same side of the bracket as KC the first two events.

  30. Need to make grand finals to have a chance.

  31. They beat your team fair and square and you're calling them bots. Clown shit. Have some dignity and don't take these things so personally.

  32. Ah yes, the two regional champions on the same side of the bracket, meanwhile on the other side the highest any team there has placed is top 4. G1 are basically in the same place as Liquid, Vit and EG in terms of points, yet their path to the major is much harder through no fault of their own. Great system.

  33. If they wanted better seeding, they should have won the matches that determine the seeding

  34. Bruh what. Do some of you ever have an original thought instead of regurgitating the same tired spiel every time someone criticizes a format.

  35. ngl some of the comments here are really tasteless taking into account mm's tweets about his personal life, but I guess that's par for the course for this subreddit.

  36. Bro I don't know what plat 2s you're playing that are hitting double taps. That said, regional 3s in EU are always a shitshow and there wasn't really a reason for this one to be any different.

  37. Your reply is about meaningful as your flair

  38. Ngl I thought all the children had left the NRG fanbase after they stopped being successful. I was clearly wrong.

  39. Says the person devolving immediately into insults lol

  40. When the only thing you have to say to an actual argument is “NRG are ahead of Furia” it’s hard to think much of you.

  41. How is that egoing? He literally declined an offer. He doesnt owe them anything.

  42. Egoing usually implies they didn’t even respond to the offer.

  43. V1 got outscored 10-7, G2 and Faze 15-5. V1 officially the second best team in NA, single elim is a mickey format, the numbers don’t lie.

  44. V1 fans eating good today. Plenty of copium available about how they didn’t get trounced anywhere near as hard.

  45. V1 probably sighing in relief rn. SSG get a date with Falcons while they get an EU team which they're usually good against, especially early on LANs.

  46. Man people actually clowning V1 yesterday for losing 4 one goal games, 3 of them OTs, to GenG, meanwhile G2 looking like Team of Bronzes rn.

  47. First time this G2 roster gets swept (they did get reverse swept by SR on their first showing, so technically not I guess, but whatever). Very impressive.

  48. Gen.g is amazing rn yes, but don’t forget honeymoon phases, not saying that’s the case but you never know. Still early in the season. Rember nrg last season? In the beginning? Also Dignitas was dominant and fell off. All ima say either way congrats to gen.g

  49. But if you go into r2 lowers you’re playing against other teams that lost r1 so it’s an easier matchup no?

  50. Yes but a bad game differential gets you one of the better 0-1 teams which you'd rather avoid. I'm just saying it's really just better to start off on the right foot. Although maybe it's all a wash as all other NA seeds play EU teams other NA1.

  51. If they can’t take a game or two off falcons they don’t deserve making it to KO

  52. That’s honestly beside the point. I’m just a long time V1 sympathizer wishing they were better. That was really all I was saying.

  53. I mean people keep talking about this salary thing. They’re still with the same org. Did they increase it mid contract just for moving to NA?

  54. Because they’d be ridiculously dumb to accept moving to NA while still getting paid SAM salaries, so it’s just taken as a given that they’re getting paid more.

  55. Depends on how you define it. Development of SAM as a region? Terrible move. Improvement/Competitiveness? I mean, sure they’re playing against better competition, but showing up on LAN is different than having to constantly fight against top teams, so I don’t know. Salary? Probably huge win. I’d imagine Furia is paying them much more to play in NA compared to what they got in SAM. So it really depends on your perspective I guess. Take into account this is only the start of the season. For all we know our perspective will be very different at the end.

  56. Thanks for your comment. Instead of using game differential or in addition to, what do you suggest is used to determine matchups?

  57. I like the Buchholz system used in CSGO. It does take into account initial seeding for the first few rounds but it gives every team a score depending on how well the teams they play are doing in the tournament. Let’s say team A 3-0s team B in round 1 and team B goes 0-3 in round 2. Well clearly team B are not very good in the context of the tournament so team A won’t be seeded that high for round 3 because of the quality of their competition so far, compared to a team whose round 1 opponent won their round 2 matchup. No system (other than infinite round robin I guess) is perfect but I do feel like you need to adjust for opponent strength in Swiss.

  58. Not exactly common but it has happened a fair few times off the top of my head. All 5 rounds maybe not that often but just last week quadrant went 3-0 playing only bottom 8 teams, BDS in the fall major went 3-1 playing top 8 teams. I remember a closed qual last season where SR went 2-3 and all 5 teams they played made main event (did help that they got Swiss reverse swept tbf).

  59. High ranked teams are supposed to have weaker brackets because they have proven they deserve to be there. If Faze 3-0s the first opponent and Axle 3-2s and upsets a higher rank, why should faze be penalized for sweeping the other team and having to play a top ranked team whereas the other team that barely won is rewarded by not only having to win 2 more times but also playing a weaker opponent. It’s not random that they get tough opponents, it’s unlucky. If Faze has a slow start and loses in the first round, Axle upsets G2 in the first round and loses to GenG or something in the 2nd round then has to play faze in the 3rd round. It’s not random, it’s unlucky. But if you start introducing strength of schedule you start punishing teams that are performing well and rewarding teams that are barely winning.

  60. Because performing well is relative is my point you seem to refuse to get. A 3-0 against a closed qual team is not the same as a 3-0 against a decent team yet the current system counts them as the same thing.

  61. I am acknowledging that. But this is where we disagree. A closed qual team should have to fight and struggle to get into top 8 because they are not established and prove that they belong. Teams like faze, GenG, G2, V1 should have easier brackets because they win comfortably and are established. And the 2-0 bracket somebody has to beat a top 3 team to qualify. The same teams you are arguing about having tough brackets are getting swept by those teams. It’s unlucky because a team like faze shouldn’t be losing in round 1, but there is a structure that makes sense. Team with highest win diff plays team lowest win diff, loser with highest win diff drops to play winner with lowest win diff. It’s all logical and fair, it’s just unlucky because you can’t control which teams get upset and may play a tougher team because of that. But it’s all based on how each team is performing on that day outside of the first matchup. It’s just now NA is way more competitive and teams like V1 and G2 are playing in round 5 sometimes because they are slumping and other teams are peaking.

  62. You seem to have made up in your mind that I want top teams like faze to constantly be playing G2 and SSG in Swiss all the time or something. No, I just want the way matchups are made to actually be fair. This is not some imaginary system I’m proposing, CSGO uses it and it works very well there. The top 2 teams in the world (NaVi and FaZe) still went 3-0 in their respective qualifiers for the major.

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