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  1. I would like to clone your father's knowledge onto my own if plausible?

  2. That sounds alot like me! I've been describing it as frayromantic

  3. I've written iel est (insert name here) all over my french book and even though there's a poster literally outside our classroom talking about new/neopronouns in language in support of the LGBTQIA+ community my french teacher still refuses to use my name and pronouns in both languages.

  4. Yeah, I just passive aggressively swap the genders in each of our assignments now, so do my other queer friends

  5. I'm frayromantic, the moment I'm able to be in a relationship the feels just go ➡️🕳️

  6. You can tell they just want to either cry rage or unalive something

  7. It's 3am and I'm trying so hard not to laugh right now 🤣

  8. Thank trans! I literally just said I didn't want to eat em

  9. OT and Jamie really are some of the most comforting people out there 😊

  10. KNEEL BEFORE MY LEVEL 20 CHAOTIC EVIL WARLOCK- oh nevermind I rolled a nat one, I'm gonna die

  11. Really? 😅 I mean I did try because it said low effort posts would be removed and I really like this sub and didn't want to get on the bad side of the mod's

  12. how do you draw genderfaun/genderfae and more genderfluid like genders? i wanna make a comic but i dont know whether i should make it solid or liquid.

  13. I'd check the tutorial, I can be a bit annoying because some tools are restricted but otherwise it helps a lot!

  14. Yh as an agab I always found it a little odd but I know why now 😅 besides that I just wanna know what they do in there now, has the ritual changed?

  15. Rishi Sunak is trying to remove our anti-discrimination protection 🙃

  16. I know we've seen representation in the show before but just because they support one side of the community doesn't mean they support another

  17. I'm an agender bisexual, if I found out the show was against the community I would automatically leave the fandom

  18. Hello! Lovely comic but we don't allow non digital comics anymore with the update on the rules.

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