1. I'm only doing DB for weapons so far, but I am getting all of the armor pieces. A and B

  2. I wouldn’t bother with getting both the alpha and beta set. Just the beta set should do.

  3. True, but I am a bit of a completionist. If it does become too much of a hassle, I'll just stick with doing B.

  4. I imagine the weapons are simply conductors that harness the elements and thus produce it. Whenever a fire or thunder weapon strikes a monster, it'd conduct the element and produce the attack. Water and ice produce the element constantly, only releasing when hit against a monster. Dragon meanwhile I am also at a loss.

  5. All monsters bar Lucent, Abyssal and Savage killed and captured (if possible), I believe?

  6. And I didn't even kill him. All of the wins were from repels.

  7. Those are all from the newbie coming in during World. Real hunters don't complain about reskin.

  8. Seltas felt like by far the best teacher about how future fights were going to work, and he didn’t become irrelevant later into a rank because of the queen, so him.

  9. True. The Seltas duo are some of the best in the series imo.

  10. For being a starter monster, Maccao was strangely tough. He deserves some credit.

  11. Half of my item pouch is crafting materials to make more potions.

  12. You need to first turn off the data and WiFi, then go to Apps, and clear the game cache directly from the app in there.

  13. It's not giving me a message to log in to another account when I turn off my data. Just the same damn message of "unable to authenticate".

  14. I think they could give you useful items when full grown an such, but I'm pretty sure the Chao Garden is just a side thing.

  15. That was the thing I liked about Animaed Optimus. He didn't put on the face plate a lot, but when he did, it meant business.

  16. Best part is thst his spark wasn't extinguished from being crushed.

  17. Later on, yes. In a sequel comic that I think happened at a botcon.

  18. Use a GL of Lance otherwise it will probably be miserable.

  19. It’s out on PC as well! Runs on relatively low powered machines as well do a really well-optimized engine.

  20. I remember for non-homebred 3DS' the only way for us to extract screenshots were from MiiVerse lol

  21. Same bro. But, considering that's shut down and the Eshops getting shut down, you might as well homebrew the stuff to keep it going some.

  22. But serigios weapons had to lose their effect

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