1. you are so good !!!!!! how long have u been practicing ??

  2. Thank you! I started on hammock 3 or 4 years ago and Lyra about a year ago! But I’ve danced all my life

  3. do you think it’s possible to get good at lyra if u haven’t danced in a while? i used to dance but it’s been like almost a decade now

  4. Yes most definitely! You don’t need dance experience at all but the fact that you have any will be an advantage. I took a 5 year break from dance before starting aerials and I still reaped a lot of benefit.

  5. It’s been awesome watching you improve and refine your moves. Definitely inspiring!

  6. 🥹🥹I appreciate that. Thank you! And I’m not gonna stop anytime soon

  7. The deadline just passed, but if you're still working on your PhD next year, you could possibly submit an aerial act to the

  8. Omg I’ve never heard of it! Thanks for introducing me. I’ll definitely give it some thought

  9. These photos are stunning, it must have been an amazing performance! Great work! 🙂💕

  10. I’m not sure but maybe if you search scorpion/needle practice it you could find some tips on the grip?

  11. I would love to like the first one more because of the shoulderflexibility, but I like the look of the second one a lot more 😍

  12. Almost my exact thoughts haha. I want so much to like the first one more because it’s harder but I don’t :(

  13. Yes pull your arm’s together super tight so you have that side with no gap

  14. Can you grip your fingers tighter or even grab your wrists? I found that the more I pull there the more grip there is on my inside leg. I always drop a small amount when taking the top leg off anyway

  15. Wow so beautiful I think I’ve just been inspired to try ty!!

  16. Yesss! It’s a fun one. Glad to have inspired you. I see your posts on this subreddit all the time! Love them and love your setup too.

  17. Girl you are slaying it!!!!!! 😍😍😍 love it! So beautiful

  18. That's a nice move. It's nice to see how you get into it too. Thanks for sharing!

  19. That fall was scary!! I'm so sorry this happened to you, it looked incredibly painful!! At least it's not broken. I hope you get better soon!!❤️❤️🙏

  20. I included a link to a picture of the pencil grip I'm referencing. Check that out for clarification 😊

  21. Oh yes! I think I call that iguana. Haven’t tried it yet but definitely will. Thank you so much!

  22. Also I’d love to follow you if you have Instagram, your grace is inspiring :)

  23. My main Instagram is @joyglide and my pole Instagram is @joyglidepoles. 😍💕

  24. Wow this is beautiful! I’m impressed ! Aerialympics? I’m going to participate this year I think !

  25. Thank you! This is from an anniversary show put ion by my studio. I would love to do aerial Olympics one day!

  26. All i need to know is where you got those paitings in the background..love pictures like that, that are split up into two or three individual canvas’ to make one whole painting

  27. It’s actually 5 pieces total! I believe my roommate thrifted them. I love it too!

  28. I have one similar but I suppose the search continues for where they hide. Usually they are incredibly expensive new and I cant seem to find any locally. Would love to find one at a thrift how lucky!

  29. Thank you so much💪🏻 and btw your pole dancing is 🔥👌🏻

  30. Love the matching red set!! Your Pegasus looks so strong and flexy 👏

  31. Oh my God that is just so gorgeous I have never really seen a lot of content around doing double hammock but it looks so cool

  32. Thank you! Yea it’s definitely more rare so we have to be a bit more creative. It’s so much fun.

  33. This is beautiful! I'd maybe add another transition at around the :13 mark before you start your spin mount. Maybe add 4-8 counts of dance to transition from the side grip to the back grip?

  34. Yes definitely. That’s a great idea. I’m still in the creation process of this piece so there’s still lots to smooth out.

  35. Wow that’s amazing. I’d love to know about how you trained to get to this level

  36. Oh my gosh I’m flattered. I did dance since I was 4, Chinese dance and ballet. I also figure skated for 10ish years and then had a brief stint with Olympic lifting. Then I started doing aerial hammock three years ago. And less than a year ago I also got into silks and lyra. In the past six months or so I started pole. Did some classes the first two months but after I got a home pole I stopped going to classes and have been self taught ever since!

  37. I think, often when people ask this question they hope it'll be 'I found this magic routine and suddenly I got much better/stronger/more flexible', but what you describe is probably mostly cost to the reality!

  38. So true. There is no magic pill, just time, hard work, and often the privilege of starting early. Thanks for the luck, ima need it.

  39. Yes it’s totally fine! It didn’t even hurt at the time. Was just scary

  40. Where your top leg ends looks correct - when i do/teach this I usually advise that the inside leg is very open and itll shift as you get into it. As long as it feels secure once youre settled in the trick you should be in good shape.

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