Leaving Your Husky In Your Car Windows Up in the Blistering Vegas Heat

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Cute but creepy

  1. Ahhh Maryland, the land of the 2 year drivers license process (from learners to provisional to full license). Lived here for 13 ish years. This is, sadly, commonplace. Surprising considering the time it takes to get a license there.

  2. Please excuse the shorts cringe, i couldn't find the original haha.

  3. His statement was that he was trying to prevent it from chewing on the seats. Either way shit human.

  4. If that's the case, buy a nice, breathable mesh muzzle for the poor pupper. Or... Y'know... Teach'em right from wrong. Also y'know... not leaving an animal who views you as it's entire world abandoned in a non-ventilated room (or car for that matter) in the smoldering Nevada heat. 🙃

  5. Completely agree. Just to clarify I wasn't defending though. Just saw he made a statement at some point.

  6. Nah I wasn't insinuating that you were defending-just building on your point if anything!

  7. The bioluminescent bay? Nope. It's something you can do on-island. It's in the "state" of Fajardo on one of the beaches. You rent a kayak and go into the area that has the bioluminescent plankton. It's only visible at night for obvious reasons though or at least I'd assume it would be.

  8. You jest but I somehow got curved from a 52 to a 79 in my PHYS class. I ain't complainin' tho.

  9. As a Game Des student, it's either finals or final projects. Not sure which one is worse but I, personally, have more fun making something than just shoving knowledge into my brain like it's a trash compactor and hoping it sticks enough to last me a single day.

  10. He can just melt it and add a higher purity gold until it hits 58%. He got scammed 3% which would be 300k on a 10 million dollar deal, 30k on a 1 million dollar deal etc.

  11. Yes, because every jeweler is also secretly capable of blacksmithing or forging with the forge in the back of their shops.

  12. I think... he was mad that he got shot in the face at close range when he ran up on the bunker. That's probably a violation of the safety rules at this venue and certainly poor sportsmanship.

  13. Many fields don't have rules against minimum engagement distances (known as knife/bang-bang/mercy kills). Even then, I've never heard of a field which disallows mercy kills putting in a rule which disallows shooting peeps in specific places such as the head. I've played my fair share of airsoft so this is just my own experience.

  14. That’s what sucks the most :/ but there are places on campus that are not ran by Sodexo though, I usually support/go to those places a lot more

  15. Oh really?? Which ones? The thing that sucks though is that us on-campus folk pay the food bill up front and it's required to dorm on-campus to take one of the meal plans. So I kinda can't do anything about that. Maybe I could waste more food at the globe but those guys are nice and wasting food is bad, lmao.

  16. All the ones owned by Sodexo are Einstein, Steak and shake, blaze, akeno, express, one stop, dunkin, chik-fil-a, and both starbucks and ofc the dining halls :/ which really only leaves Chipotle and Panda Express, manhattan pizza, panera unfortunately. So yeah it is super hard to avoid, but ig how i’m trying to go about it is when ik i want something i just try to go to the places unowned by sodexo. It’s just something I think about a lot now. Ik just having 1 person not going will not affect Sodexo so in reality we need the workers to rally up.

  17. Yeah I totally agree about that one person thing. It's easy to say "Well since nobody is gonna do it then I guess it's not worth the effort to not go to Sodexo places." keep at it though, one person now is worth one person later. It takes one small pebble to start a rock slide after all!

  18. Fans and earplugs, but really you should tell them to chill out. You need sleep to keep your grades up, and college is too expensive for you to suffer rude roommates.

  19. Boost. My roomie, at first, couldn't deal with my irregular snoring pattern so they bought earplugs and brought their favorite fan into the room. It helped them go to sleep before they eventually got used to it.

  20. I find it alarming how many people are saying that this semester has been the hardest ever. I'm right there with ya. Stick through it. You got this!

  21. Bro ice cream in the fall? Shove some soup down

  22. Tbh?? Either near mason pond where the benches are, the little garden between the art and design building and the jc, or on the 5th floor of rapp deck

  23. Mason Pond at night is really nice for just crying your heart out. Can confirm. Have done it twice now. Bonus points if you sit or lay down on the grass.

  24. My answer? Fuck both of them. I've heard numerous complaints about SS to the point where last time my roomie ate there he got extreme food poisoning. He's sworn off any campus food that isn't from The Globe.

  25. I don’t like eating scrambled eggs that aren’t from home but I’m down for everything else. Maybe I could take the shuttle to the globe or something. Walking long distances to that degree is a challenge for me a lot of the time due to health reasons

  26. Mm yeah that's fair! Trust me though, if you're able to make it work then it's worth the hike up there regardless of how you travel there! Best'a luck!

  27. As someone who has pretty bad ADHD, I can indeed confirm it works wonders.

  28. Talking about my own experience here but all of my professors have been super understanding and lenient with me if i bring up concerns/complaints about my group members to them.

  29. The black Mustang? Yeah. Last semester he was infamous in the Blue Ridge dorm area for basically burning out up that road after he picked up his friends around 9pm or so (usually once a day he'd do this). I wrote to the Blue Ridge group chat as I knew his friends loved there and told them to pass along that I think he's got a small weiner. The dude's friend told me "he told me to tell you to come and take his keys then."

  30. Aaaaaand I’m done with southside and Ike’s, Globe only from now on

  31. Globe is the Chad pick tbh. Best food outt'a all 3 by far. It's hours suck though.

  32. Unfortunately, as someone who had to deal with housing during their first semester on campus (long story short, I had all online classes which I registered for after I had my housing reservation loooong story but I wanted to get out as I didn't think doing housing with all online classes was a good use of money, don't regret that now but w/e), GMU's housing dept, much like most of the depts here, sadly do not give a rats ass about you.

  33. Glad to know I'm not the only one who this happens to :X...

  34. As someone with megalophobia, I struggle to play Elite sometimes but absolute love it. My entire soul puckers into itself the second I get close to a neutron or white dwarf. Supercharging never gets any easier but never gets any less exciting hahahaha.

  35. I just… refuse to do it… maybe I have megalophobia… black holes, nebulae, neutron stars/white dwarfs. Even large suns. I avoid them all because of just how chilling they are.

  36. Could be either megalophobia or astrophobia as said by another commenter. Astrophobia is the specific fear of space. Megalophobia is the fear of really big things. I have the latter as looking up at the roof of a tall building from the ground floor makes me queasy and anxious lmao.

  37. Can I take out those dang drones on foot?

  38. Haven't tried it myself but, assuming they're the same as ships or SRVs then you're 100% capable of shooting them dead. I just wouldn't recommend it as drone boi made of metal, u made of fleshy bits. Smol n squishy.

  39. Don't look at me! I was on sabbatical too! Spent way too much time in the 21st century gaming lounge I built in my Conda this past year.

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