1. I think "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" fits the bill. On the surface, it's a biopic focusing on Jesse James' final days before the titular assassination. However as the film progresses, you see it's more of a character study on the two leads, where one is becoming increasingly hostile, paranoid, and mistrustful of those around him while the other tries to build up an act of fear (not cowardice, though) as a larger-than-life feat to boost his own confidence, which ultimately leads to the destruction of his own reputation among others.

  2. From my experience get it pregnant then you become invincible.

  3. They wanted to play gnomes who were part of a circus. I thought, at the time, it was an amusing idea. Then the debauchery with the animals happened. I was never more eager to do a TPK.

  4. Just like "common sense" gun laws. The implications being that people who don't support these proposals are stupid and/or, with this new line, unreasonable. Because insulting people is a great way to get them to see your point of view.

  5. Honestly, with all the stuff that's gone on with Ezra Miller, I'm not comfortable with watching The Flash.

  6. I know Raiden has a girlfriend but how is he not gay? Look at him.

  7. Yup, reviving a hairy extreme cold weather animal just in time for the artic to melt.

  8. Spas are about to make a fortune doing Brazilian wax jobs for mammoths!

  9. Don't engage this thing. It's either a bot or a troll. Report it.

  10. Damn I haven't had that in such a long time! Now I'm craving it.

  11. I can’t believe this is happening, but here we are.

  12. Contact your representatives and donate (if you can) to organizations like the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), Gun Owners of America (GOA), and the Firearms Policy Coalition (SPC). This won't stop until the ATF gets their nuts well and truly clipped.

  13. Nevertheless, the Department disagrees that any prior inconsistencies or changes by ATF make this rule arbitrary and capricious under the APA.

  14. Both the states I lived in required a class and qualification on a range to get your CCW.

  15. The original seems pretty self-deprecating. Kind of like

  16. What's especially infuriating is the Academy of Arts and Sciences finally expelled him. After the #MeToo movement gained a lot of ground. Of course, everybody knew what kind of stuff Polanski was up to before that, just like they knew about Weinstein. They didn't act on it until it became more politically convenient.

  17. what range/types of weapons do you think fall under the second amendment?

  18. It's difficult to say because you can get damn near anything IF you have enough money. Tanks, planes (even jets), helicopters, grenade launchers, machine guns, etc.

  19. I watched Cross Ange as well, but I don't like Tusk. I prefer shipping Ange x Hilda. They have more chemistry together than the clichéd pelvic faceplanting guy. Ange x Tusk feels rather forced IMO.

  20. I agree, I rather liked the no-holds-barred yuri relationship stuff. What I also really liked about that anime was how Ange and the others just completely wrecked the status quo in that world.

  21. Okay here's what I say to everybody who is curious about a popular firearm: Always try it out before buying it yourself if possible. I don't care what make or model it is, try it out.

  22. I have tried out multiple Glocks, I just never understood the appeal. 19X, 26, and whichever one is the full size .45.

  23. Glocks aren't a great fit for everyone, and that's okay. I love my SIG! The right carry pistol for you is whatever you're comfortable with. I'm glad you were able to try out some Glocks and find out for yourself though.

  24. thats not controversial to him that more to the studio

  25. Deadpool went back in time to remedy that too, so now that movie doesn't exist!

  26. You'll receive the same sentence anyways, so why not?

  27. I cant even use it. My state (New Mexico, 0/10 do not recommend) is coming after

  28. Sadly, that's one of the reasons I left. Even more frustrating is the government choosing to do this instead of actually doing something about crime. But this is the same state that turned "blue meth" bath salts, rock candy, etc. into a tourist industry.

  29. I love this movie. I appreciate you giving it a shot, but frankly? I completely understand why someone wouldn't like this movie.

  30. Nah, they're called both "horned lizards" and "horny toads", you're good lol.

  31. I'd also love to see Richard Brake as the Man in Black

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