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  1. They've been "hinting" at nukes since before this 48-hour conflict began. Moving on...

  2. But this time he's "slamming" them, then hinting! It's much more serious.

  3. Please note: not a very significant position in relation to their $6.4B portfolio size, but I was planning on reporting all changes by notable funds as long as there is support for it.

  4. Makes sense. Texas doesn't want overly educated citizens. Otherwise elections might start going the wrong way.

  5. This isn't so much a dumb tourists thing as much as it is a specific and outdated way to guard shit, while rarely including signage that tells you not to go to the place so that guards can randomly yell at people instead.

  6. The rate coming back down means they're done fake drsing and are selling.

  7. Inflation has never been this high. Corporations have never been this deregulated. The govt is run by literal imbeciles who don't care as long as their pockets are lined.

  8. I do like my wireless headphones, but what I don't like is that they removed the aux jack from all the phones and tablets

  9. I dunno, some people get worked up over this. Me? I've turned in my chair and had my headphones rip off my head one too many times. Fuck wired headphones!

  10. I’m bullish on investors like DFV. Informed, passionate, and fun

  11. Yes, I think you'll find that we are generally in favor of DFV.

  12. Surprised it took this long. What is there to market when your company is exposed as fraudulent?

  13. Does this mean their bullshit coins will actually stop trading now?

  14. It looks like the green bars are institutional ownership, marked on the left side. The black line is the share price, marked on the right side. According to this, institutions sold off big time in June '21 and only just bought back in.

  15. Those two big bars are probably a drs rug pull attempt part 2.

  16. "Hey, bank robber, can you check your garage and let us know if you've stashed some stolen money in there?"

  17. More specifically "hey, ceo, would you like to find us a patsy we can blame this all on? We'll trust you to provide the evidence"

  18. Yeah guys, we know. We got it. We already know what sellouts are, you don't need to be that literal.

  19. This is a really great milestone. Just fyi though.. Thinking you're 'done' with therapy, is like working out for a while, getting in shape, and then thinking you're done with exercise.

  20. Inflation is a lie, pure and simple. The cost of living "crisis" is 100% manufactured and with this government there's fuck all we can do about it.

  21. Any bets on how soon they announce record layoffs?

  22. i dont think they understand. i dont care anymore. i want a farm that is paid for in full. i want them in jail. i need that to happen or i dont care what they do. i know that those invested in gme are in it for the long haul and are well aware of the naked shorting. so the question i ponder is - why? it doesnt work on us. who is this for?

  23. These are people who have no principles besides profits. They can't imagine us winning. We already know they can cheat. We've seen more false numbers than real ones from the start! As long as they keep struggling, we know we have them.

  24. Wow. Did you guys read this article? This is the first coverage of the gme story that I've read that's actually legit. It only took two years, and thousands upon thousands of bullshit articles, but we got one that got it right!

  25. Apparently trade feeds are missing from the exchanges. Brokers manually entering trades. NYSE “glitch”, now this. WTF

  26. I anticipate we'll see a lot of wild 'glitches' in the coming days.

  27. They put themselves in a hole by creating a situation that they can't even really talk about without running the risk of spreading the word to more people. All they can do is talk about what a bad investment GME is, which doesn't really make sense to most people, since like.. why the fuck would the news be telling people a stock is a bad investment for 2 years straight?

  28. Most of those who sprang to mind have been mentioned, but how about prosperity church cretins/faith healing con artists like Joel Osteen or Peter Popoff? I *cannot believe* that they have followers still, it's unfathomable.

  29. I mean basically all the super wealthy have supporters. Name one terrible rich asshole who doesn't. Even Hitler still has supporters. This is a terrible place.

  30. While I agree with OP's sentiment to always be skeptical and expect the worst, I honestly think they put all they had into the last one, and really expected it to work and throw a wrench into the drs game.

  31. You threw out a lot of points here, so I'll try my best. 🟣

  32. To be clear, I wasnt (Even though it may have seemed like it) referring to the gamestop marketplace as the thing that might disappear. I meant that these liveservice games are fly by night, that they disappear constantly, and that no, there is no greater incentive for a company to maintain an nft game than aregular live service game that isnt meeting their insane expectations of multiple millions of concurrent players, which most games (Even AAA) games don't maintain for more than a few days after launch.

  33. Alright whatever dude. If you can't take progress for what it is then I don't have anything else to say.

  34. My dude, I'm looking at the gaming industry as i see it. Do you see progress? I see a total fucking dystopia. If you think new tech is being used by corporations for anything other than furthering their endless quest for maximum profits, I don't know what to say about it.

  35. It’s the start menu on Goldeneye, which just re-released

  36. Mhm, this guy got it. They're still a games company folks. Sometimes it's just about the games

  37. Back to 20 by Wednesday. Lock the float.

  38. This is just the stock going up. It's not something many apes are used to, but technically stocks can do this.

  39. Fake cried, then laughed about it later. After killing two people.

  40. He real cried like a bitch. Then claimed he faked it later to not look like such a bitch.

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