HMHC - Do NOT Tender your shares and buy OTM calls

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  1. Wtf? The short interest was 26m yesterday, today its 29m but it shows % went down

  2. How did you jump to the conclusion that BBBY will go down from liquidations, there was no evidence provided to make that assumption.

  3. Looks like weve finally stabilized the SI %

  4. Such an aggressive FUD campaign against BBBY, we are watching another GME type move in the making

  5. Only because the shares themselves lost value recently.Short % Float shows this

  6. I don’t get it can U explain

  7. Gme has been at 30 percent forever, unfortunately borrow rate probably only affects retail that’s trying to short, not hedge funds. Plus if they are short on shares they can just create naked ones.

  8. Wouldnt say that, ive found it a good indicator for future price action and time my options accordingly

  9. It hurts seeing other people live out your dream...

  10. In 2021 i gained upwards of 300k and lost it all not once but three times so i belong here. Been trying play it smart in 2022

  11. What did your huge wins share in common? How were you able to do that theee times?

  12. All of those have been in gme and amc Jan 26 Feb 24 May 24 Aug 24 Mar 24

  13. DRS has done what exactly for GME? BBBY is cutting costs internally and you want them to pay up for an. Influx of DRS?

  14. DRS has done what for GME? Are you serious?

  15. 100% utilization and nearly 70% of ff on loan πŸ’€

  16. Don't CS purchases usually take a few days minimum to execute?

  17. Im seeing between 3-6 days on avg on other threads so odds of making it in time are looking low. Guess ill have go through broker route

  18. If May counts as a run we could be looking at August next. Although the timing of the splividend and marketplace launch times up perfectly with a July run and I think those dates were calculated carefully by RC. BBBY seems like a safer bet to me for calls, im holding 200 contracts there in anticipation for next week

  19. Yes, but this is also regulated (again, at least in theory).

  20. No such thing as regulation when nothing is enforced

  21. !RemindMe 2 months β€œHMHC tender”

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