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  1. Is the issue that the meat might be infected with chronic wasting disease?

  2. Is there any evidence of the risk of CWD in humans? Or is it all just precautionary at this point?


  4. Was this planned? Like they needed firewood, didn't have an axe but had a rock so......?

  5. You don't have a imagination do you?

  6. Tanks are completely useless don't use extra turners or monsters that rely on controls or tortures since tortures don't do percentage damage and the fugitive is immune to most controls you want to use damage buffing supports like zenfira dhar man forge ahma niah and use attackers that are good at straight damage like kenecro serpentex grakshak haters and type weaknesses are very useful like lazarbeam [the legendary] or zenfira granting haters or dracbite is very useful due to having bleed hater and bleed granting moves TLDR high damage attackers plus supports that grant haters or damage buffs tortures and controls are useless.

  7. To answer the question in the post, this comes up sometimes at

  8. Take a look at some drinks like Gatorade and Powerade especially their sodium content. I know people that chug those things all day long and they're still alive so.....

  9. Can this guy start suing everyone who takes her side for......slander? Defamation?

  10. This is a form of sexual abuse known as covert sexual abuse.

  11. Thank you. I plan to expand questions to other subreddits as we continue along.

  12. This might be someone to ring up and ask for info around funding and the challenges of such an endeavour.

  13. As someone who comes from a family which owns a derelict castle in Scotland, these things are hard to even give away. Who in 2023 knows how to repair a 1500s stone castle?

  14. I’m living on a small island in the carribean. There’s no street signs or addresses so if you are giving someone directions to where you live it would be like this.

  15. What happens if the turtle wades away?

  16. I'm wondering what the plan is if there was a fire? many fire trucks get dispatched to this address? It HAS to be more than one....?

  17. Start fishing and camping, expensive and time consuming. Perfect.

  18. ??? How is fishing and camping expensive?

  19. How do you figure $1 million is too little to retire on?

  20. Why on earth would Americans go to Europe to protest abortion???

  21. It depends partly on the shape as you hit. A smaller, sharper, profile punctures the surface better and enough water will take the inertia. On the other hand, a massive belly flop and that water might as well be concrete, or something even harder.

  22. Google. There was something on Stan Lee's "Super Humans" about someone doing a belly flop from several hundred feet in the air and he lived.

  23. I wonder if you can keep the moat from scumming over in the summer. Been thinking about moats recently. I'd like one, but not the mosquitos.

  24. No, no, no. I'm thinking about structuring the moat as part of an extant waterway with movement, or having carp, or solar powered aerators. Modern moats.

  25. Ahh, for your personal residence. I thought you were talking about this case's moat.

  26. Really? This article calls them a "fixture" in USA.

  27. Wow....that older guy slapped a choke hold on the original aggressor!

  28. Honestly....extremely difficult. It's not impossible but it is very hard to do.

  29. How much is Gary paying for this availability?

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