1. Lack of biblical understanding of the purpose of sex. Paul tells couples (married) not to withhold themselves from sex. That doesn’t mean we should force someone, but that does mean that we should give of ourselves willingly even if we aren’t always in the mood. And we should be understanding of our partner when they aren’t in the mood as well.

  2. It can be very uncomfortable for a woman to give herself “willingly even if not in the mood” and may lead to a sexual aversion or other trauma. It would be better to invest time in bonding, reconnecting, making necessary changes to alleviate stress etc. Fix the root cause.

  3. I had this problem when I completed it. Deceased children must be replaced.

  4. That's so wrong in so many ways. Kill your father, it's the least you can do to avenge her =/

  5. First move will be finishing school and getting a killer career to supports moms and I. Then I’ll help dad out🔪🔪🔪😈 probably step mom too.

  6. We are too poor for a home🏡😭. Papa is married to step mom though and she’s the principle. Maybe follow her home sir 👮🏽‍♂️

  7. For the challenges, it says that I need to buy it individually to get the requirements

  8. No I bought access to the challenges once. It was for all of them not per challenge

  9. for some reason it never completes achievements and just doesn't check off one of the boxes. I do the challenges according to the fandom because whenever you click on a challenge it just shows superstar theme. Can I potentially get some help with this?

  10. Did you unlock access to the challenges?

  11. Walking on egg shells. I use to suppress any and all of my concerns (things that bother me, things that I don’t like, when I’m uncomfortable, etc) to avoid starting confrontations.

  12. Friends inviting me out and then spending the majority of time texting on their phones. I have one friend I won’t do breakfast with anymore.

  13. Just like in rl life, some people just aren’t sexually compatible. Even if that person is the sexual orientation they are attracted to. Either settle for crappy sex because the other aspects of the relationship are what you are looking for or find a new partner.

  14. Oh, there’s definitely a list. •Looking after their own children •Doing household chores or cooking •Remembering their own appointments, paying bills on time, etc •Caring about their partner’s orgasm

  15. Stats aren’t good enough. Need to win consecutive championships too

  16. Dude my fwb expressed that he wanted certain things and I was like….. yeah no. You’re not my boyfriend, you do not get boyfriend benefits.

  17. I only have sex in committed relationships so I’m not following the point here? Fwb = basic sex only/no exciting sex?

  18. Have sex (I need a deep emotional connection and exclusivity before I feel desire for someone).

  19. Execute a lot and just keep aging. Sometimes can take like 50+ years to get exiled. With no respect it happens eventually on my characters

  20. The key difference is that Cole let it go. Z continues to try and paint this picture that she was abused while minimizing any part she had in continuously demeaning him. He was walking on egg shells with her by the end and not acting like himself. If she left it at the fact they weren’t compatible and dropped all the “you destroyed my self esteem” bs over a couple of weeks, the take would be way different. As it stands now, she comes across as malicious and Cole comes across as genuine in his desire for growth.

  21. Acted like I had sent him nudes, then texted me nudes of a girl that did look very similar to me (at first I was like wtf did I actually take these but there were minor differences) and then used it as a reason to send me d*ck pics. Blocked all his social media accounts, deleted mine for awhile and blocked three numbers. Couldn’t escape the guy. I started dating someone and he sent the nude pics to him claiming I sent them to him and was cheating. I had all the messages from before saved and showed him 🤦🏼‍♀️ it was insane.

  22. Give it a stupid fucking name and abandon it afterards.

  23. Meant name list lol for entertainment purposes

  24. That's a lie i had twins today and im a royal in the UAE

  25. Who become the next king or queen if you get twins or triplets ?

  26. Twin or triplet #1 would become king. In this case, if I had made her queen first Yanis would be next in line as king.

  27. Others are mentioning to adopt, but I think with your character being 76, that might not be possible. Another thing you can do is marry someone with kids, you can still continue your legacy with step children

  28. Yes had to do it this way 😩 got caught trying to kill the husband so I could keep my money though 😆

  29. You’re not wrong. They deserve each other 😆

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