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On many Japanese toilets, the hand wash sink is attached so that you can wash your hands and reuse the water for the next flush. Japan saves millions of liters of water every year doing this.

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  1. Which makes him a bad person??? His lack of emotions is what makes him a bad person. Because he's not a person.

  2. Not having emotions doesn’t make you a bad person lmao

  3. I have PTSD myself and can personally attest to some mental changes happening in the moment.

  4. Judah is proof that bojack handles autism better than the original commenter implied lol

  5. I'm kind of new to the sub, can I assume that this narrative is actually well tread ground in a narrative that this sub had sometime ago?

  6. Because they is plural. Simple as that. I don’t care if your spider identifies as a he or she, but it is definitely not a they.

  7. You don’t understand how the English language works 🥱

  8. Yeah, my old border collie husky mix was a menace. At an entire tray of double chocolate brownies, a whole travel sized Advil container, dozens of swim caps, steel wool, tile flooring, and more I can’t think of. Lived to 15. Great dog.

  9. You just said in THIS COMMENT that you're aware a pile of leaves can kill grass.

  10. Lmao I'm just reading the comments to see if anyone explains why people rake leaves. I got to this point and looked up at the sub and was like "only on reddit is there a sub dedicated to no lawns"

  11. I went with blue and purple items and added some water themes ones

  12. I spend most of mine crafting and buying suits. If I like an event so much that I absolutely have to have more than my average I’ll figure it out or deal with not having it

  13. Thank you for your reply! That's so cool to hear that you know many people in Europe who wear kimono. That's comforting actually. I only wear it twice a year and every year I almost have this inner panic about possible public (negative) judgement haha.

  14. You’re fine! Some of us live in middle-of-nowhere Ohio and still wear it. People will just be happy that you’re appreciating it

  15. I wonder how the soap residue impacts toilet bowl cleanliness

  16. Since a bidet is used, there usually isn’t even any soap on top.

  17. Bc im thinking about getting Poems in blue sky but im scared i might not get it the first pull lol

  18. I got it on the first node. I’m a little disappointed because i really wanted the cloud suit and idk if it’s worth spending more

  19. Shaming is wrong, but it’s important to make sure we’re sharing accurate information. There’s so much misinformation abt endo and so so SO many shitty doctors. Yes, some things may help you,, but that doesn’t change that laps are considered the most effective way to improve symptoms and minimize permanent damage

  20. one thing that could help would be a consult with an endo expert, there are a number of them around. Some call themselves specialists but lack specific training in endometriosis so, it does take more than self described expertise.

  21. My surgeon is one. I haven’t had my follow up appointment yet but I honestly don’t feel like I can. I know I should so we can talk about treatment but I feel like that makes it even more real and idk if I can cope with that

  22. The guide helps me progress further faster which lets me get more options for competition, SC, and free dressing. If nobody else can see it I don’t care how shit it looks tbh,, I just want the stage rewards 😅

  23. Mine are small and no one points them out. Aloe vera after they have healed faded mine very well.

  24. That sounds rough. Is there someone who can replace the manager easily or is this going to be a prolonged transition at your workplace?

  25. I have no idea. We went from 5 people in some form of manager position to 2 within the week. There’s a chance one of my coworkers will get promoted but nobody’s sure and our schedules are already fucked. (I work retail 😭)

  26. Big yikes! Sending lots of good vibes your way. Remember to take care good care of yourself. Most retailers only care about moving product, not about their workers. Hoping it gets much better for you soon.

  27. Thank you! I will try! Yikes indeed, it’s really absurd.

  28. i dont care about their ideas as long as they are not actively harming anyone

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