1. Why wouldn’t you want to go to a home game in a European cup tie against Barcelona? Do you think we get played off the park by them and it’ll be over as a tie?

  2. Yeah I don’t get this. Would OP have preferred a league cup 3rd round games against MK Dons? It’s Barcelona ffs.

  3. I’m not sure how you’ve got the impression I didn’t know that he’s on loan? What else would I mean by “taking up the £30m option to make Zakaria permanent”? He’s been good yeah and tbh I forgot Jorginho had left so, even though Enzo Fernandez came in, Kante’s injury record does leave Chelsea potentially a bit light there if they don’t keep Zakaria.

  4. You literally just explained why we’d go for him. And i asked cos Juve would now more than ever be more inclined to let him go.

  5. Yes, I know. I conceded that, after selling Jorginho and with Kante’s contract expiring, Chelsea probably would be inclined to take up that option. And okay, it seems your point was not that “he’s on loan”, but “from Juventus” so fair enough for asking. I don’t think you’ve much of a point though because there is an already agreed clause that Juventus agreed to before their troubles. If Chelsea piss about trying to pay less than that then they don’t have first dibs anymore and another club could outbid them. Zakaria may prefer to go to somewhere that he’s a) playing in the Champions League and/or b) not sat on the bench behind a £100m+ player.

  6. I like LOHAS, but I would probably prefer to live in TKO, however TKO is 20-30% more expensive for an almost identical apartment and I don’t think the extra convenience is worth that much! The new mall has made a massive difference; it’s nothing to rave about but being able to just go downstairs to get a meal, have a coffee, or buy groceries and household items has drastically improved the livability. There is no landfill smell, the waterfront is very pleasant to walk/run/cycle, it’s quiet and the apartments generally have good facilities. There are a few hikes you can do direct from Lohas, plus a few more and a couple of nice beaches not that far away in Clearwater Bay, also Sai Kung is not far away. The MTR infrequency is the biggest issue for me, but getting to central itself isn’t too inconvenient.

  7. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology will relax the restrictions on entering the campus from November 5, 2022. It will be open to the public on weekends and will be open every day from December 1.

  8. Hmmm. Okay, last time I went my friend had to confirm with security that I was meeting him and I thought that was in November… maybe it was a week day but i don’t think so

  9. I can’t see how it would affect a tourist? Laissez Majeste laws in Thailand are strict but tourism is booming again there. Happy and willing to be corrected.

  10. The last thing any tourist wants to happen is to be the unfortunate victim to be arrested due to a spat between China and that country. Case in point, the two Michaels when Canada arrested Meng Wenzhou.

  11. Hong Kong is still a long way from being the mainland though, for foreigners anyway.

  12. I think it was incredibly important to get somebody in to replace Eriksen. Donny van de Beek is also out long term, and McTominay for a few weeks so that leaves just Fred and Casemiro as for senior players in the middle. Iqbal and Mainoo could play some minutes but they’re not ready to be playing every week. We could have maybe brought Hannibal back, but leaving him at Birmingham and bringing in somebody with the quality and experience of Sabitzer is a good move.

  13. As far as I’m aware, no. At least not of the numerous “Hong Kong Gins”. There are people on

  14. Pretty worried about this one: the season is going so well and it’d be awful to lose her to a title rival. If she goes now we don’t have time to replace her, and we are weakened significantly whilst strengthening a title rival in the position they’re most lacking (with Mead and Miedema out), but then she could go in the summer anyway for free.

  15. Tielemans would be great to compete with Eriksen. Lots of competition for him though seeing as he will be free. Lots of talent at risk of dropping into the championship that would be worth exploring if we need to be a bit thrifty still: Nunes and Neves at Wolves, Onana at Everton, Lavia and Ward-Prowse at Southampton.

  16. I think probably a combination of the players didn’t respect him, the board didn’t like him, and EtH wanted a clean break. The Austria job came up and it was good for everyone if Rangnick took it.

  17. People keep saying Kane he will win us the league - not for me rather have Rashford up top he’s quicker problem with Kane is he comes back midfield to much Spurs need that for him to create we certainly don’t.

  18. I think the he way Kane drops is actually great for our team with the wide players we have who can get in behind and like to move more centrally. Not long ago Kane was both the top goal scorer and top assist maker in the PL so it’s not like this stops him scoring. My concern would be that him and Bruno might get in each other’s way. Kane for 150m at the start of 21/22 season would’ve been stupid, Kane at 50m this summer I can get behind. How much will spurs want though? I doubt Levy will have forgotten that Hazard had a year left on his Chelsea deal when Real Madrid paid silly money for him, and that will be his measuring stick.

  19. If Brandon is on 65k a week, you can see why Garnacho is, reportedly, turning down 20k. I’m not suggesting he should be earning anything over the top, but he should at least be earning 50k.

  20. Yes but that’s why the wage bill is so high, because people like Williams (who should’ve been a player who comes out of the academy, plays a few games, then we sell on for a decent fee) have a good couple of months and get a huge contract. We can’t move Williams on, not because no mid-table premier league team thinks he’d be good for them but because 65k would make him one of their top earners and you don’t make solid but unspectacular right back one of your highest earners. The Williams contract was an error, much like the Sanchez one, it’s important to address the error not say “oh well we are already overpaying this guy so let’s overpay everybody else too!” Because we did that with Sanchez and ended up paying anybody half decent £250k p/w or more.

  21. I don’t get the Sesko mentions. Clearly he’s got bags of potential but he’s not in the same league as Kane or Osimhen. His goal scoring record in Austria is nothing to shout about really and he’s not a player who I think is going to come in and make an immediate impact. I’d take him alongside and established forward for sure because he’s big and fast and, like I said, has bags of potential. However I can’t see that happening as he’s already agreed a transfer to Leipzig and would now cost an astronomical amount. I’d like Osimhen, but I think Kane is the more likely. And if Kane is in the £50-60m range (big if) I think that’s a good deal. ETA: for clarity, not a dig at you OP for including Sesko, but at the continuing media links

  22. The signed shirt feels a bit condescending but I'm sure he appreciated getting to see training and having a drink with Erik.

  23. He’s a season ticket holder and from a family of massive reds; he was probably delighted.

  24. I thought him leaving was the best thing that could happen but I do sympathise with him. Under Ole we were more counter attacking and could’ve carried him to an extent. Under Ralf we gave up trying to press after his first game, and we were awful, relying massively on Ronaldo’s performances to win us games. He had a good season last year and probably thought he’d have a number of choices (I suspect Bayern especially appealed) in the summer to keep playing in the Champions League. However nobody plays with a poacher anymore, and nobody wanted to rip up their high intensity pressing game to accommodate him and I think that shocked him. It shouldn’t have done as he didn’t exactly have a queue of clubs waiting for him 12 months earlier either. He could still play for a top team for a few more years, like Zlatan has, but he needs to change his game. Maybe that means pressing more, maybe that means being a bit less selfish, holding up the ball and creating as well as scoring. He obviously doesn’t want to change though, so Saudi Arabia it is. As an aside I would’ve liked to see him go back to Sporting.

  25. Why not cap the base salary at 200k per week and then include performance-based incentives? Incentives for starting /playing a certain number of games, games/trophies won, goals/assists, clean sheets, and so on.

  26. If somebody is willing to pay Sesko £400k or £600k a week then they’re welcome to him. That would be batshit.

  27. Thanks for the link! Do I need to book a ticket in advance or can I just grab a ticket at the dock like any other ferry? I can’t seem to find anywhere on the site to buy a ticket. Thanks for the help!!

  28. You can buy tickets at the ferry terminal but you might be better booking in advance as I think demand is quite high. Make sure to arrive a while in advance because you need to go through immigration.

  29. You mean the guy that spent that much money on him in the first place and then couldn’t work out how to use him? Whose club is in financial dire straits because he spent fortunes on flair players he can’t get a tune out of? Who after those flops changed his transfer policy to be “bring back guys that were good for me a decade ago”?

  30. work out? i mean just watch the barca game, the kid is lazy af, cant blame everything on simeone

  31. If you manage a team that plays with a high level of intensity, then isn’t work rate something you should pay attention to when deciding whether to spend in excess of €100m on someone?

  32. I really think we are going to go for Kane in the summer. He will only have a year left on his contract at that point. It’s not necessarily the deal I’d want us to pursue but it’s the one I think the club are likely to try.

  33. Same here they were all pissed that I wouldn't give my star player a move to Madrid and he was whining to them about it now they're all pissed off that I sold him, can't win that argument it seems.

  34. You also piss the team off if you recruit smartly and preemptively bring in a replacement for someone you want to sell/who wants out. “I’m unhappy with the sale of player x and I want to know what you’re going to do about it!?!” Errrr nothing because I brought in his replacement in January to give him time to settle in.

  35. Talisca is a good player, he has followed the money rather than tried to play at the highest possible level though. No judgment, plenty of people do that in non-sporting careers. I don’t think he has the hunger to really make it in a top league though, and I’m not sure where he’d fit in with our system.

  36. I think he can be a good striker, wouldn't he? if he just works on his finishing a little bit

  37. I think his finishing is okay, the issue I’d have is I don’t think he can press. In China and Saudi Arabia he can have a free role with limited defensive responsibilities, in a top league you can’t afford to have a passenger… at least not with a high press.

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