1. Everything is such shit now and so expensive. Everything we enjoyed doing as kids is 10x more expensive and 100x the hassle. Going out to eat, seeing a movie… I’m just going to stay home.

  2. I go twice a month, when I can. This makes it 0. I don't care if they lower the price, I'm not rewarding this behavior.

  3. tiz says:

    We hear you! We have a post planned in the near future that goes over a few details about the Mod Council, stay tuned.

  4. So they stopped dumping oldware from Wii U in this dumpster of a console and now have gone backwards to gamecube. They just are plain out of ideas at this point...

  5. Montour county reporting: You all are delusional. This is bootlicker central. EVERY yard has a thin blue line nazi banner. People are STILL clogging up the grocery store aisle to have "political" conversations about how much they love Trump. They built a military styled police barracks over a PLAYGROUND in the middle of a residential neighborhood, and there's almost never more than one cop on duty. This place should be walled-in.

  6. If you have to call yourself batman, you're not batman. That's literally the whole point of batman...

  7. it’s a reference to an episode of Supernatural where Dean throws a pen into the barrel of a gun, idrc if you don’t like it, I posted this so I could send it to my brother lmaoo

  8. There’s still a lot of issues. Lack of maps, maps are too big for 6v6 etc

  9. It's fucking atrocious. But that's just my opinion. To be a little bit more objective about it, this game is NOTHING like MW19. If you liked that game, then you don't have a good basis for comparison on whether or not you'll like this game. The only similarities between the two is guns and the words "modern warfare". Beyond that, they may as well be two entirely different franchises.

  10. Vanguard is 3x the game this is, and yes, that makes me vomit in my mouth a little to say. But it's true. There are elements from Vanguard I miss a little, while, just last week, I realized I don't look forward to a single fucking map in MWII. Not. One. MWII even fucked up shipment. Vanguard had the wildest, most chaotic version of the map ever made with excellent verticality and everything.

  11. Pretty sure their silence and refusal to address ANY bugs in this game IS transparent: They don't care.

  12. Fuck that shit. It makes me want to yeet Actiblizzard out of my goddamn local cluster. It's xenu time, bitches.

  13. There has for sure been a drop off. A lot of us are just worn the fuck out on Infinity Ward's endless fuckery.

  14. The thing with this game is that sometimes it deletes its own files. Try verifying.

  15. And as a side bitch, notice how the packet loss widget always says 0 packet loss? These degenerate asshole have widgets that LIE TO US. We paid to get LIED to.

  16. My average KD through the last decade has averaged close to 2. Usually 1.9ish. My average KD in MWII doesn't break 1.3. The game hobbles you at every turn.

  17. No they don't. We made it the best selling COD in history. We sent them a clear economic message; "Don't bother lubing up, my asshole is gaping and bloody already".

  18. No it's ABSOLUTELY scripted. It's not just you. They throw softball lobbies at you when you first log in, then rape you for an hour. SBMM ISN'T skill based. It's all scripted. It's a form of time gating designed to frustrate you into making purchases. That's what happens when you hire a generation of degenerates who's schooling was focused on how to exploit cell phone user mechanics. PC and console gaming has been poisoned to death by mobile bitches.

  19. In a GOOD COD game, raceway would be considered mediocre at best. It's only liked because it's the best turd in the toilet.

  20. I got Border Crossing 5 times in a row. Even after leaving matchmaking and going back in it kept coming up. This seems to be what we asked for.

  21. We gave them money despite the clear and obvious warning signs in the beta. WE did this. We do share the blame. We spent ten extra dollars on it.

  22. I don't get this. I say heinous shit on my voice chat. I can't even repeat the things I've said or reddit will yeet my account and I never get tagged on chat.

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