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  1. Omg poor thing!! I hope he's recovery and did the amazing job!

  2. Tato (short for potato) Remy Yuzu Peanut Butter Cookie Ghost Peppa

  3. Aww! It made me heart melts!!! He's smoll guy!! How old is he?

  4. Awww what's the bunny name!!! That thing is cutie pie!!❤❤❤🐰

  5. Oh no! R.I.P poor dude. Sorry 4 ur loss my pal! How old is ur bunny?

  6. His name is Caesar and he acts like one too lol

  7. Sorry that happened to you. Ur ex bf is meanie guy! Don't ever talk to him never again! We will help you gurl! Find someone that is support closer to you.

  8. Long time ago..I used had 4 dogs and lot fishes and 7 guiena pigs,But sadly they all passed away since almost when i was 9 to 17.

  9. Aww she's pregnant hammy! That so cute. Pls be careful bout all babies.

  10. Gurl? You know that funny and sad. That hammy wants some food. Lol she is Queen!

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