1. Purrrty eyes 😘. Fuzzy kitty not sure what he thinks of this picture haha

  2. Hope you were on a double date and all went home together lol

  3. Yeah cutworms. You don't want those in your garden! But they do tend to proliferate when you let the garden go to weeds. If you get rid of them and the weeds, it should help!

  4. Yes. A very nice sparkly pendant to hang halfway between your lovely neck and your soft twins ❀️

  5. Pet your lovely body up and down until you arch your soft body into my hands and need more 😘

  6. Hahaha can always use an ice cube like the pros do πŸ˜†

  7. White marked Tussock Moth. Friendly things, eat a lot of different things, but not tires lol 😊

  8. I would pet your cute body while you do the work 😜

  9. I tend to believe it, especially if it's a relatively small city 😘

  10. Absolutely. My wifey generally wears that or less lol πŸ˜‚

  11. Idk to be honest! Cute face, nice necklace! And lovely chest ❀️

  12. I love all the colors here. And your smile is contagious β˜ΊοΈπŸ’š

  13. I'm going to say it looks like a Prominent of some sort. Yes probably off the oak tree.

  14. Black Etched Prominent. Lots of different looks for this caterpillar, and I'm seeing several that look close.

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