1. Honestly, you’re really not alone. Only 2 years for me, but woke up at 4am last night to bolt for the bathroom and puked 😒 i get you

  2. Wait, you guys have doctors who understand MCAS? What kind of specialist are you seeing??

  3. I have psoriasis and my older sister has eczema, so here’s some stuff that may help:

  4. I am wondering if she's struggling with undiagnosed adhd and/or autism. Both are notoriously underdiagnosed in girls and often go hand in hand with mcas, pots, and ehlers danlos syndrome. I would start with an educational/mental assessment by a child psychologist. I was not diagnosed with adhd until my 30s and bring on medication now is life changing and i wish i had the opportunity as a child.

  5. Having EDS, POTS, and MCAS I was not surprised to find out that I was undiagnosed for autism until adulthood. Suddenly everything started making sense.

  6. I also received comments all my life, plus it’s translucent and doughy in quality. I only have increased elasticity in a few places.

  7. I dunno what you mean by xfiles, and I don't know what you're on about with the second part, unless you're somehow offended at the notion of a parent wanting to save their kid from dying of cancer??

  8. I know-it-all a sci-fi show about paranormal fuckery detectives, but it's a bit before my time so I'll probably skip

  9. Okay, that’s cool. In general, if you’re interested in the background of wishes gone bad, you may want to research Jinn if you haven’t already. Perhaps it can help you with creative wishes.

  10. Ginger and peppermint can be in drop forms (Tummy drops is a good brand) or tea, these can be helpful. There’s a gadget on Amazon that is a inhalant of mint for this purpose.

  11. Could be histamine as well, especially if redness shows up like clockwork in the evening. Would suggest looking into low FODMAP if this seems like the case.

  12. For those interested in the subject, these books are ones I got so I could ponder on death (especially my own): Will my cat eat my eyeballs?, The Death of You, No Death No Fear. These were suggested by a Death Doula originally.

  13. I have Dumping Syndrome diagnosed. While your symptoms are consistent with mine, I noticed you mentioned upper abdominal bloating. I also have SIBO, which causes this for me. Other than gastric emptying I suggest asking your Dr for the SIBO breath test as well.

  14. Hey, I would check out Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. It may not be the right fit, but it often causes people’s hands to prematurely age. I recommend a Doctor. Good luck!

  15. I get from local farms/farmers markets, but Butchers usually have this as an option as well.

  16. That’s terrible! It’s only relatively recently that I started to understand the systemic effects that MCAS can have, and less than a week of understanding the serious neurological effects it can have. Do you use Chromolyn Sodium? It’s so expensive and did nothing to help me in the past, but it’s been a long time since I tried it so one of my MD’s said it could be worth trying. My plan is to wait and see what impact Ketotifen has first.

  17. Orally, Cromylyn gave me increased urination to the point it irritated my bladder. So I use NadalCrom an over the counter nasal spray (Amazon) to help with some symptoms. I also use it as a face wipe—I have lots of red bumps (itchy) that pop up on my face after being exposed to my triggers, one of which is heat, and the Cromylyn helps with it.

  18. Ah! I didn’t realize there was an OTC spray. Does that do anything to help with your GI symptoms or migraines? And/or brain fog and fatigue, if you experience those? And that’s really good to know that it can impact the bladder. I have a bladder disease and have those symptoms anyway, so may have never connected it to Cromolyn Sodium, if I do decide to restart it.

  19. NasalCrom has helped with sinus pressure/pain and therefore has contributed to less migraine activity in that regard. I wouldn’t say it helps with fatigue, brain fog, or GI symptoms.

  20. Yes, I have MCAS so I react to adhesives of almost any type. It makes life with a port rough.

  21. I have an egg allergy and they let me eat oatmeal. Maybe ask if another food is a option?

  22. hEDS here, healing is fine, but there is an increased risk of forming keloids as well.

  23. NAD but many conditions come with impending doom feelings as a symptom (MCAS, Dysautonomia, etc.) Even though it could be just anxiety I would be cautious about ruling everything else out.

  24. Yep it’s mostly young thin women! New Dr immediately! She’s woefully uneducated about this + downright cruel. Get all your records from her and then leave reviews on Yelp and your health insurance’s doctor finder directory thing. I always do that and just quote the dr or share that their bedside manner left much to be desired to protect other chronic illness patience from experiencing the trauma of medical gaslighting. Once you find amazing doctors who believe you, you’ll never look back, but the bad ones will probably have given you CPTSD. So sorry that your mom wasn’t more supportive

  25. Pretty sure it’s a squirrel, due to the shape of the tracks and the number of toes showing on the front leg tracks(four), which is usually how you differentiate it from raccoon tracks, who have 5 toes on all of their tracks

  26. Yes, I have upper abdominal bloat caused by Dumping Syndrome and SIBO.

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