Is Faruzan okay?

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  1. I think they are just testing the waters for reception. The fact it is announced a permanent mode, does mean they are in it for the long haul.

  2. I think one fragile per daily quest set, cap increased to 200 and weekly bosses permanently decreased to 30 would be pretty neat.

  3. Increasing the cap does nothing since we can only refresh 180/ day anyways. Better to ask for a faster refresh rate

  4. + Archons and harbingers are basically cheatcodes. And step on the beauty and mechanics of the other characters in game.

  5. Hope we get evolutions for the rerun at the very least. Can't wait to have Bongohead, Twirly Whirly, Blitzara, and Pyro-1 (can't remember it's name since it was only used as the very end of story) growing up and getting stronger. Since our Hypostases are all elemental completed, and Regisvines are getting there; elemental terrorshrooms next? (Final evolution form)

  6. " Without PvP and raiding this game going to die "

  7. That one's a staple of Genshin's hot takes I agree lol. The game's devs are set for life. Unless they end the game because of the story or they got involved in some massive controversy, Genshin's most likely going to last for atleast 10 years even if they abuse the shit out of their playerbase.

  8. We are in a golden age atm with Da Wei. But just like every major industry, it goes to shit once the original business/ team members leave.

  9. I find it quite funny when people get annoyed by characters like this. It's as if they've forgotten they're playing an anime gacha.

  10. It's more the fact that the character age doesn't match appearance. They are fine with Yae being 500 years old because she looks and acts mature. They think it's promoting some kind of pedophilia.

  11. That’s kinda ruins the character for me tbh. What’s the point of having something like that tied in with their lore when the character just acts like it never affected them

  12. Knowing Hoyoverse they will make it an extremely important part of lore.

  13. Nah, it's been over 2 years now, lvl 100 isn't coming. It's been about a year since the the first whales reached AR60, and since then day 1 F2P and low spenders have reached 60 as well. If it were coming, it would've happened by now.

  14. The story and content hasn't warranted an increase in character or AR level. Archon quests haven't even reached AR40 yet.

  15. I agree 100% with this. "Show, don't tell" is important in all kinds of visual storytelling. Genshin leans waayyy too hard into the "tell" part

  16. Wouldn't be that bad a problem if we didn't have people rushing through all the dialogue. (Then complaining they have no idea what happened) The impatient and illiterate are holding everything back.

  17. I'm the guy who reads every quest box in an MMO, so you bet your evergreen ass I do.

  18. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the spacebar skippers. The devs have to reiterate and pad dialogue so the impatient and illiterate know what is going on. (We all know how the majority of the population won't read for whatever reason.) Streamers are also in this category because the impression that reading isn't entertaining.

  19. But then it will be like Spiral Abyss where people feel compelled to play it for the rewards instead of the gameplay/ fun.

  20. People will make all sorts of comparisons to the differences after the AQ. And it truly is amazing the amount of effort put into the game to make it a cohesive experience. Yet at the same time they will ignore key and similar narrative elements that point to this story with Nahida not being the first time this has happened. It would be crazy if it turns out Mistress of Flowers, Queen Aranyani (creator of the Aranara), God of woods (Viridescent Venerer set), Greater lord Rukkhadevata and Kusanali are actually 5 different entities who are Dendro Archons of different time periods. Plus you have the theory that the original avatar of the Irminsul was one of the moon sisters, and the shining shade of life of the primordial one.

  21. Easily one of my favorite events thus far. It's got some great potential, but had some big flaws. Many of the shrooms were just straight up OP, story was pretty cookie-cutter, and the AI for the shrooms and "trainer" were just unbalanced in the simplest terms.

  22. There is no concrete leak of yelen's banner in 3.4 but ayaka's banner is also speculation purely based on her getting a skin in 3.4 if there is no skin then haitham+yelen and hutao+shenhe or any other variation might be possible. Or they can introduce a third xiao+yelen banner XD.

  23. They've never ran a banner alongside a skin. Granted so far we've only had standard banner characters get skins.

  24. If they can run alhaitham, and sumeru expansion in 3.4 I don't see a reason why they can't rerun Ayaka with him. Probably 2nd half of 3.4 is gonna be liyue centered with hutao+shenhe. And 1st half would be haitham+ayaka. Honestly selling a skin without the character sounds like a bad decision to me.

  25. People have been asking for a banner with the featured skins for a while now. At this point, I will believe it when I see it

  26. Hope I can grab her and Yelan. Is C2 Yelan really that much an upgrade over c1? Would love to make some teams with her, and slot her in with my Hu Tao.

  27. Im glad they fucked themselves over for Pyro and Hydro archons by releasing Bennett and XQ so early, not to mention Yelan so many Pyro DPS.

  28. They still have plenty of tools at their disposal for the archons. In essence, they just need to create a kit that synergizes with resonance and competes with meta characters.

  29. This is like every single Genshin players' incurable disease known as no-read syndrome.

  30. Imagine if they made a gadget or workstation that consumed food to operate.

  31. And Klee should've had a fishing passive instead. As she loves fish blasting so much.

  32. Wasn't Myrmidia magistrar a theme the community deduced as a valid option for her 4th class?

  33. Just noticed Yelan uses Azhaha, weird no? Since she was post-Ayato (who already uses Raiden's). Is there any other character who goes and uses a previous boss' mat? Its not even Signora, goes all the way back to Azhdaha.

  34. now imagine trying to farm for them with the current drop rates. *dies*

  35. Because then people would only farm the old bosses and transmute them all.

  36. Who is to say Rukkhadevata wasn't a clone of the previous Dendro archon too?

  37. The reason Nahida was locked up post rewrite was because she had supposedly lost all her memories and knowledge. Likely no one could tell that Nahida was the same dendro archon because she reverted to a child and so they had thought the dendro archon died and locked Nahida up.

  38. Can't we also interpret this as Rukkhadevata also inheriting this same scenario at the time of saving King Deshret?

  39. Not my fault if someone doesn't learn the lore, if only bits and pieces. Meme or not

  40. Albedo, but honestly it didn't matter too much since it was 1.2 at the time. Game was just too young at the time.

  41. I always thought it would be nice if Anemo resonance gave poise strip. As Anemo has been shoehorned into a mechanic of vacuuming enemies. This way they can add another element of strategy for gameplay with how "heavy" enemies are. (Already exists I know, but not something you would plan around) And a huge buff for characters with vacuum over duration to hold even heavier enemies in a particular location.

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