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  1. Cars are my special interest soooo I love driving especially really really fast on narrow roads in a process that might get me killed

  2. why does this sound like its from this old flash game I used to play called Days Of Monsters?

  3. Mox made me realize I wanted a strong woman to take care of me from that moth video.

  4. I can't even make edgy jokes online in countries outside the USA without being charged with "hate speech"

  5. shut up commie. You can't even put an aftermarket shift knob on your car without the CARB sticking themselves in your shit

  6. guess no BS was wrong. He wasn't a "low testosterone beta" but still a dick. I hated the Try Guys anyhow.

  7. idk your wife cheating on you is a sign of low t not the other way around. Not condoning what he did or saying it gives you high t but hey doing something stupid like that takes balls and most low t males don't have any

  8. ignoring the fact they were built in the USA and that its the wrong Paul Walker car livery

  9. oh yeah thats right. Idk the audio for the first movie is so iffy quality wise I couldn't hear what they were saying half the time

  10. sad I had to stop watching Pikamee as I was sick of people saying I get no bitches because I watched vtubers

  11. you could sell the E-ray for double of what you bought it for. For a real Corvette experience buy a C7 ZR1 as its not autotragic only like the C8

  12. a month well spent! I had aspirations of making my own Minecraft animations once after watching the old MC TNA series by Falconer02. Then I took an animation class in high school and realized I don't have the patience to make animations. BTW what software did you use? Just curious.

  13. add the Arch Illager from MC dungeons maybe. Either that or a kraken boss

  14. People literally post every single thing from

  15. yeah I like Miatas and all but this sub has ruined any interest I had in one. Then again my dad owns a 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce which is just a Miata with spaghetti sauce on top

  16. Reyjkavik. Sure you gotta go to JFK but for your budget it sounds like it would work. Iceland is a beautiful country with a restaurant that serves a chicken sandwich called "Peter Griffin"

  17. the one in Woodbury. They made the best fried chicken known to man. They haven't been able to make any since December and its driving me insane.

  18. Have u tried Pattys Pantry in Middlebury/Southbury by exit 16?

  19. What fucking gibberish is she even saying “god drew my saber?”

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