1. Ohhhhh so that's why they call it a Sam turret in Call of Duty...

  2. It’s not like you’re buying it per pound for the amount of water in it to matter. The way I see it the water is free and they mix it well for you as well. The fact that it’s more expensive is because it’s good shit not because there’s water in it.

  3. youre wrong... I got about 40 lb of powder nutrients for 150 bucks on Amazon. Powder has 30 doses per one dose of bottled nutrients of the same weight. Now if you can get 1200 lb of bottled nutrients for 150 bucks then that is really cool for you bro.

  4. What do you need 40lb for anyway lol, the 1 quart trio OP posted lasts me 3 - 4 grows easy with 3 plants per grow in a 3x3. That’s $20 for a year supply of nutrients.

  5. Cup of water 48 hours then straight into the media. Other ways are a waste of time.

  6. Ok, but have you ever actually listened to a David Bowie record?

  7. That is correct. Every wall of this house has some type of artwork or record on it

  8. Oh my God you just brought up one of my best memories of all time. When I was in high school me and my friends all took a few tabs of white on whites each. We were all having a wonderful time for a few hours when one of us got the pull to go out in the backyard. Four of us were in the backyard looking around in the Darkness. A small wild bunny rabbit slowly came hopping towards us. It sat there staring at us. My friend, Isaiah Spice, slowly walked over to it and put his hands on the ground and said "it's okay". I swear to God the wild little bunny rabbit hopped over and went in his hands. This dude started walking around with the bunny rabbit in his hands. They chilled together for a while. It was probably 2014 or 2015. THIS is the most insane animal experience I've had while tripping.

  9. I don't know man it's hard to get some good genetics

  10. Illinois seems like a silly place. We shuck corn for fun while drinking beer here in Nebraska.

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