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  1. We are currently here now for the first time. It’s been a low of 30 at night with a high of 75. We packed sweatshirt options as well as long sleeve shirts. We have gotten to the park for the first bus at 7am every morning, it is quite chilly if it’s windy but I wore leggings/long sleeve/ sweatshirt and it was tolerable. A beanie would have been nice. Once the sun comes over the canyon (around 10-11am depending where you are) it becomes comfortable, especially if you’re hiking you warm up.

  2. Ive had this happen numerous times. Its kinda funny, because its these same people that have reached out months later and asked about my sobriety. They are sober-curious and would like some tips/ resources/ or to hear my story. Sometimes they actually do stop drinking and we hang out more often.

  3. " For the entire month of January we will be celebrating, acknowledging, and promoting Mindful Drinking. We believe that the ritual of drinking and being with friends, doesn’t have to revolve around Alcohol. That people who choose to not imbibe in alcohol, shouldn’t be left drinking something that doesn’t excite them. The world of Non-alcoholic spirits has changed dramatically in the last few years, and we are so excited to get to celebrate its growths. A cocktail with no alcohol, can still enlighten the taste buds, it can still allow you to cheers your friends, and not feel like you are the odd one out. Don’t see anything that quite tickles your fancy on this list? Let us know what we can do, we have plenty of other things we can whip up for you. "

  4. Ive been here. I used to bartend for years and Ive had blackout nights where I made a total ass of myself.

  5. This is really comforting, thank you! Walking into this situation completely blind isn’t helping ease my anxiety (what happened, who knows, etc). But I’m going to keep your comment in the back of my head. And I’m definitely keeping that night in my back pocket for motivation

  6. Yeah the not knowing part is the worst lol. But its not like you killed anyone or got arrested. Everyone that drinks has nights like this at some point.

  7. At around 2 weeks, I slept for almost 10 hours each night. I think its your body catching up on missed REM sleep for years. Its a little concerning, but Im sure everyone on this sub will say they experienced the same thing.

  8. One thing Ive heard repeatedly is that if you have to control something, its already controlling you

  9. Let us know how it goes! And congrats on reaching 1 year! 🤜🤛

  10. I decided to skip it altogether. Im not going to needlessly put myself in an uncomfortable situation with no exit and no trust that my ride will leave when I want.

  11. I like this answer. Thanks! I truely dont mind driving to pick him up in the morning. Id rather do that than stay at the party after Ive hit my social wall lol

  12. OP- Im totally with you. I googled your exact question and this thread popped up.

  13. Congrats! Its an amazing feeling being free of that prison

  14. thank you :) and yes omg.. thats a great way to put it. prison. and you have 343! hell yea <3

  15. Yup! My one year is coming up. Im so excited. I signed up for a 5K race that day. :)

  16. I had this happen last week right as I was coming up on day 300. I had a dream that I drank a beer and then was like “fuck it” and bought a box of wine. I woke up freaked out but I think it was just my brain working it all out. From what I’ve read it’s pretty normal and just part of the process. IWNDWYT.

  17. Congrats on 300. Today is my day 300 also! One year is approaching quickly

  18. This was a huge question for me when I first quit drinking. Like what do people actually DO instead of drink. I was at a loss. But after googling, asking random people, personal experience, I can say that the best way to figure out what to do with your time is to think back to a time before you started drinking. Even if it was when you were a child. What did you do? Go bike riding, do puzzles, play a game with your family, read a book.. Do whatever made you happy when you were a kid.

  19. Same. Now that Im 9 months sober, Im moving out lol. The appeal is gone.

  20. Hey it seems that we’re quitting at the same time, i’m on my 3rd day as well :D. Cravings hitting hard right now hence why Im on this sub. I just had a drink which has made my cravings 100x worse. I’m trying to keep myself distracted but it’s hard as I can’t do a lot of exercise due to recent covid vaccination :/ But yes, I agree I feel like I can breathe a lot deeper now. Hoping the cravings will pass soon.

  21. Hey congrats on 3 days! Im getting through this. Ive heard that day 3 is the worst so it should get easier. Im a little worried about the weekend tho. Im going to have to stay busy to keep the cravings at bay.

  22. Nice work! Stay busy! Find a mindless project to do at night and over the weekend that you can get lost in. 1000x piece puzzle, restoring a rusty cast-iron pan, gardening, busy work! When you get cravings, chug water. Still craving? pop an M&M to get that euphoria hit. Deep, deep breathes. Reward your lungs with oxygen, not poison. By day 7 you are going to feel more energetic than you ever have in your entire life. GOOOOOO!!!!!

  23. Thanks! Ive got lollipops to help with the oral fixations. And Ive been trying to stay as busy as possible. Doing meaningless stupid things, just to pass the time. its been working so far. This weekend will be the real test tho. Thanks for the encouragement!

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