1. Oh boi this is the perfect time, we launching a big juicy new arc that may or may not be final

  2. looks like mike wazowski but red

  3. I'm having huge stutters on my phone after this update idk y this is happening now

  4. I kinda feel like most of the people posting on here are non-mangaloreans lol Yahan pe people think liquid lounge/clubs ya brewery jao toh you do drugs and shit. 24*7 cafe rahega toh log usko brothel na bolde

  5. I haven't even seen a single place yet that is open till 11-12 ish so better to forget about 24*7 lol. Also the night life is kinda improving slowly here.

  6. Most bars in mangalore are open minimum till 11 pm. And if you are in, they won't push you out till 12-12:30

  7. Ik that about the bars but I'm referring to the lounge, pub and cafe scenes here

  8. bhaiyo suno, abhi kisiko bhi support karna band karo. Hume poori duniya chootiya samajhti hai. Thoda use badlo. Anti india nhi bsdk tuzhe bhi pta hai ye true hai

  9. I couldn't agree more. That sounds like an actual hang out / meet up. I was wondering what is to be done gathering on the 3rd floor of a mall? To add to it, most of us redditors are introverts (there may be exceptions of course). I'd imagine the random mall meet up being very awkward for everyone, especially since we're all a group of strangers meeting for the first time amidst other strangers walking around the mall staring at us. It'd be better if it is in a more relaxed setting with a couple beers and one person in the group taking the onus of being the social glue in helping out with an ice breaking session.

  10. Or switch to other videos and hit the back button and voila ads skipped

  11. As tracer stick close to the enemies to deal more dmg and try to finish the squishy characters first. Ranked is broken rn so it's either you stomp them or they stomp you, so I'm avoiding it

  12. Want some spoilers? When mine hit 0 after 10+ minutes it reset to 10k

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