1. "Tl;dr What really defines being mentally "well"? If I have strong morals, does this make me healthy, or does this make me a slave to my beliefs and therefore unhealthy? Is the goalpost for mental health in society always moving?"

  2. She is stating her opinion, her personal view of seeing the world, it's not necessarily a fact.

  3. You make a good point, but for the first time I really don’t feel like that. In the past I’ve always known when the relationship isn’t working out anymore and I start imagining what it’d be like without them, breaking up with them, etc. And in my past relationships I have never developed an aversion to touch like this. This situation just feels different for me, it feels more like something I can and want to work on together rather than a sign that the relationship is over. I’m still attracted to him.

  4. When you are not receptive anymore to your partners affection the relationship is in essence over.

  5. Yes, conversations have to stop, also the internal ones, to get a real rest.

  6. Yeah i do those things almost everyday. Chess, puzzles, brain games on many apps, sudoku, also read books, philosophy, psychology, observe, analyze, life, people, nature. There is some psychological issue with my thinking.

  7. Instead of doing all that stuff, take an intellectual break.

  8. Reproduction, so that life itself stays alive.

  9. "If I am not my thoughts, what am I?"

  10. Sounds like you are hitting a block and results in a panic attack.

  11. Stop identifying with other people. Just be the happy idiot.

  12. Choosing is simple when you have no choice, which is probably what is happening to those people you refer to. Don't assume peoples action are all a choice.

  13. You have to talk. You two need to level on why you are in this relationship. Figure out if you have a common goal for this relationship.

  14. Do you consider yourself capable and trustworthy? If not, this could be the reason why you look too much at another. Quite logical, when you can't, you look at another who can. Except that our self-opinion is often distorted by all kinds of past experiences. The past corrupts our self-image, and in reality we are maybe much more capable and trustworthy.

  15. Most the time I feel like I don’t deserve their love …

  16. Maybe you feel you are not able to return that love, if so, forgive yourself for that too.

  17. You are not your mom. There is a very deep truth in that fact. A separation of responsibilities.

  18. "Does Advertising creates artificial needs ?"

  19. Love yourself as much as the other. Balance.

  20. Don't blame the internet, blame "social" media!

  21. I have three daughters and 2 sons, all adults. I don't know about my sons but my daughters have all determined parenthood is not for them. Guess what? I don't have a horse in that race. They are fully capable of making thier own choices and while I might want grandchildren, I have no right to pressure them or anyone else in to doing something they do not want.

  22. Did your daughters explained why parenthood is not for them? What are their arguments?

  23. It's not a mistake. But it is actually a good tip for future interviews. Being able to be calm in stressful situations is a skill that one can demonstrate during interviews.

  24. 9/11 is cultural milestone. The age of mass panic and crisis started that day.

  25. Casual talking is often boring and people are often too afraid to tell their real opinions...

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