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  1. I've done some small diesel tractor engines that sat for years. Usually start right up with a fresh battery and maybe a touch of starter fluid (that kubota was a PAIN. Never again.) For a car though I'd check for rat's nests and chewed wiring. Pop the airbox open and check in there.

  2. I think the big difference is just that Toyota is much more consistently reliable. Ford has absolutely made some bulletproof vehicles, but they’ve also made some duds (6.4 PowerStroke, or the transmission issues that the Focus had for years). Both brands are great in their own ways though.

  3. Oh for sure. For farm stuff I'd rather a Ford than a Toyota. But for daily I'll take a Toyota any day.

  4. Yeah I drive a 2008 Highlander. At over 300,000 km it’s never had any issues. All I’ve ever done was oil changes and last summer I replaced the rear brake pads. Front ones will be due soon too, but it’s been dead reliable.

  5. My 2014 RAV4 XLE daily is at 107,000 miles (172,199.8 KM according to google) and has given me no issues other than the factory radio. But I'm happy with the new one. It's a sony unit, and has android auto. Next upgrade is JBL speakers.

  6. Yeah I was thinking the same. Wasn’t sure because I’m worried it’ll add to the cost of the repair. Thanks for the advice!

  7. No shop will repair this. It is cheaper to use a new bumper cover. And it is easier on the shop, less prep time is required unless they use a used bumper cover. Highly unlikely they'll do that though.

  8. Older car I assume? Unplug it and replace the whole unit. This is how it used to be done. Plug may have a catch on it. If so it'll have a tab you press down on, then pull.

  9. No. This is a california regulation. I've seen it on everything, I think they put it on anything involving synthetic material.

  10. Looks like a good deal. And, I see people recomending you use a sponge filter rather than a cartridge filter. Let me assure you, cartride filters do no harm.

  11. I completely removed the hang on back filter and added a sponge filter. I just did that today. I'm sure it's not ideal, but I don't think anything in this situation is. I don't have any seachem prime, but I will get some ASAP.

  12. I run charcoal filters on all of my tanks. There is nothing wrong with them. But sponge filters do have their own benifits.

  13. Disconnect the battery. NEGATIVE FIRST. This steam is hydrogen gas, likely caused by overcharging. The battery is finished.

  14. For yellow jacket nests. Locate the hole. Wait until dark, and quickly dump gasoline down the hole. Then, light said gasoline. You'll find that there is usually multiple holes...

  15. Wait...that actually would work wouldn't it? Dude this was meant to be a funny thread and you've got the most brilliant comment here😂

  16. My mind is now blown. It makes sense, but it isn't what you'd expect these to be used for.

  17. It's not the dialog blocking screenshots, it's the authenticator activity because it's considered containing sensitive information. I'm pretty sure this is due to Google Play rules because Google Authenticator and open source FreeOTP don't allow screenshots either.

  18. My friend is going to teach me how to fix it I just want to know the parts I need to order. So just pads and disks?

  19. Small tip. sells kits. Comes with all that. That's what I ordered when I did pads/rotors on my rav4.

  20. For a minute I legit thought this was fsrm sim. I was getting ready to ask you where the heck you found this cool truck. Then I realized its beam and I have this mod

  21. lol, did you forget you were in the beamng sub?

  22. Yep lol. Farm Sim as a whole other addiction😂

  23. Is that...a BMW police car? Dude every police csr I've seen is either a Ford Explorer, F150, or a Dodge Charger.

  24. Probably because every police car you've seen is American and this is the UK.

  25. At that it's in rural america lol. I see videos of places like New York where they've got RAV4s as Taxis and Police cars. Pretty cool, but not as cool as a BMW Police car.

  26. Egyptian earth diety Geb....cmon, what kindergarten child doesn't know that?

  27. I was that one kid in grade school who, with some aid from Rick Riordan, absolutely geeked out in them mythologies.

  28. Yeah holy fuck. This looks like my niece's writing and she's 5.

  29. This looks like my writing...when I was 10

  30. Unfortunately this is not a stain. Rather, it is the exact opposite. Instead of covering the carpet's color, the bleach has removed it. This is why bleach is fantastic with white clothes.

  31. Bodyman here. You need to look at the frame. Things like the radiator support are easy to fix, but the frame is not. If the frame is bent you'll need a donor truck. If it rolled while running I'd keep an eye on the engine, they typically don't like being at funny angles. As for the bedsides, pound it into shape as much as you can, then use some body filler to smooth it up. You don't want to cake it on there, if you do that it'll crack back out. Keep it sheltered while fixing it, if water gets under the putty it'll cause the repair to fail.

  32. Well...most insurance companies will total flood vehicles. Water gets into the wiring harnesses and causes absolute meyhem. If the water doesnt enter the cab, they may not total it. But I would prepare for it to be totalled.

  33. My mom used to make me fetch the items she used to beat me with. She would make me choose between a wooden spoon or a plastic hanger. Conveniently, she remembers none of this nowadays.

  34. My parents always used a belt. Folded in two. It had two rows of eight holes. Chrome buckle. They, too, have no memories of this. Yet they still use that belt for the purpose it was made for...

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