We adopted Klaus today! He has 1 eye, half of each ear, and a partially amputated tail, but we think he’s a perfect handsome baby.

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  1. First of all i highly recommend a book: "Pornland" here... OP, it will ooen your eyes on how bad the pornigraphy for sex, relationships and ed is.... He may have all the issues oblx just from watching porn... In this book the author said that young men cannot have regular intercoursr anymore as they need great stimuli to get hard as thry get desensitize from watching hard core porn, which is today a regular gonzo porn.... Available to anyone. It is a trap for todays society anf it steals our sexuality in the meanest ways... Whats worse... Most of us think that eatching porn is completelly normal... Yet what has been notmalized dorsnt mean its good for us... Drugs are normalized nowadays too... Or smoking... And are any of these good to us? Wha xou can do now is talk to him about his porn usage and ask if he can make a Pause for 1 month so you can start focusing on your intimacy rather than his masturbating to hard core porno scenes, that often involve human trafficed victims...

  2. You look good! I think (but thats my personal opinion and advice) you would benefit from different hair! Short hair and up... That would optically also raise your whole face! 🤗

  3. Love this story... I got lately a bottle of wine just like that on the street from a random guy.. And it made smile too... These are little things that make us realize that not everyone is egoistic and there are morr kind people than we think...

  4. Exactly! Whenever he tells me he told a friend about me and I ask what they say his only response every time is that they think I'm very good looking... nothing else about me at all

  5. Maybe its just too early for anything else, you barely know each other so the, really have also nothing more to say... I guess we are nowadays used to being rather ignored than put on pedestal and if a guy like this happens then we mistake it for sth else definiatelly for sth wrong... But it might be nothing and he might just really likes you.... I would give him a chance and see what will happen... 🤗

  6. My rabbits do the same! Wall tastes the best! 😂😂😂🤦‍♀️

  7. Hi there. I had the laser method. It’s a mix of dry and fresh blood, mostly just dry. I’ve tried sleeping without underwear because a lot of people recommended it (as well as my surgeon,) but I think I’m just going to wear a pad and underwear from now on. I sleep on my back with a pillow under my knees, one leg kinda bent up (like frog legs lol). I am just so stressed and worried about my healing I don’t even want to sleep 😭

  8. Okey i see... But was it trim or wedge? I think with pad and a cotton pants you would be better off... Its gonna kind of hold it together thats how i am seeing it... If it wad a wedge that might be a split... Cause to me it is a bit too much blood... Have you tried messaging your doctor with this photo?

  9. It was a trim, i have like 2 stitches, but there’s no bleeding there so I’m not concerned about them. So luckily no split there, I just think the incisions are bothered by me moving at all :( I’m planning on calling my doctors office today when they open.

  10. I see, try to move as little as possible and keep the place protected from outside... And also do not shower or do not take any baths just yet...

  11. im just wondering if the bumps will get better as i heal?

  12. They definiatelly will! But some may stay i have aome. But they are not that visible... 😊

  13. Hello everyone! I am 13 weeks post op which means a little over 3 months! Honestly I feely life is back to normal, I don't experience any discomfort or anything! Which is amazing. I also finally got that stubborn stitch out. It was tedious but easy once I could finally grasp the little thing haha. I'd like to say I'm about 90% happy with my results. My scar line at the bottom isn't the best and I have some bumps still. Though I am much happier than before, if anyone hasn't seen my other posts. This is technically my second revision. I had a really rough surgery, restitching to early, first revision and finally my last one which I changed doctors for! He did amazing especially with what he had to work with haha. They are a bit shorter than I'd like but that was unavoidable due to how bad my split was. Anyway I feel so much happier and more confident. I am still a virgin but I genuinely feel like now I won't be ashamed when the time comes. Thank you all for reading an keeping up with me! ❤️ This group is truly amazing for support. I'll probably update in a few months when I am fully healed! 🤗

  14. I think I may truly be botched. I know the term is used too regularly when it really isn't a botch but guys...It's looking extremely bad

  15. This is a separation that will heal this way... You will need a revision but do not panic just. Now cause forst you need to fully heal! It is not that deep so maybe it wonr be even visible when healed.

  16. So I was getting really happy but then I noticed this truly butchered side on one labia :( can you see it? It’s more evident in the second pic when I stretch the mons up a bit.

  17. Honestly.... It doesnt look bad at all.... I understand you are worried about it and might not like it but its barely noticeable... And if you decide on another revision then yes, the surgeon will have to cut more again... I would leave it this way, looks fine 🤗

  18. It can happen that you feel numb during the healing and it will eventually go away... I had weird pain sensations in my clit which made me feel scared too, but it went away.... Give it 2 montgs ad then see... It will be all fine... 🤗

  19. This cage is a size od my rabbits ' litter box... Maybe you could buy a bigger space and put cat' s litter box inside for peeing and poops! 😁

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